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February 23, 2022

Grossman Burn Center Visit

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Written by: Judy Stevens

I just returned from a tour of the Grossman Burn Center and I am floating…or is my head spinning? Let’s put it this way, I’m on top of the World!! My new pal, Cathy Butter (Marketing Director) gave me a behind-the-scenes tour of the facility. I met the entire staff from top to bottom, including Dr G’s son, Dr. G (Peter), who is also the Co-Director of the medical center. Everybody that I hugged or shook hands with knew exactly what Marley’s Mutts is, who I am and the entire story about the Pups. Our conversations went something like this (me) “Hi, I’m Zach”. (Staff) “Oh, wow, you’re the guy that saved the puppies”. (Me) Well, Kind of…” (Staff) “It’s incredible. We’ve all been following it.. Your website is up on all of our computers!!” I felt so welcome and so comfortable and so honored to be there. However trite it may sound, I felt like I was among family.

One of the highlights was visiting with Dr. Herb (whom we WILL name a dog after!) in the hyperbaric room. Dr. Herb was treating a young, pediatric patient in one of the chambers and it was remarkable to observe. He taught me how the machine works and about different types of chambers-the chambers they have compared to other types of chambers. We went visited everywhere from the ICU to the pediatric counseling room and, to me, it is very clear why Grossman is synonymous with care, understanding and hope.

We talked with the nurses about bringing a therapy dog to the unit-possibly as a permanent fixture. The head nurse said that she has always wanted a dog on the unit and that all we had to do was follow the protocol. WOULDN’T IT BE AMAZING IF PHOENIX OR NATALIA ENEDED UP AS THERAPY DOGS AT THE GROSSMAN BURN CENTER!!

Towards the end of our tour, Cathy and I headed off in search of the man, DR. G. He proved to be elusive as we kept finding ourselves in a room that he had just been in minutes before. We finally caught him and he and I sat down to catch up. We took seats next to each other in the lobby of the hospital; just two guys having a chat, watching patients come and go. We talked about life, love and doggies. I felt perfectly comfortable being vulnerable and real; just being me, and he seemed to enjoy that. A week or so ago, I was scared to death, near hopeless and didn’t know how we were going to save our girls. But as life would have it, today I sat with the world’s foremost burn expert about how our girls were going to make it-and then we talked about love.

What a day. I am so happy to do what I do today!!

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