CBS Channel 2 news broke a story on Dr. Grossman helping with the burned puppies, which was picked up by OMG Yahoo.
Zach and Dr. Grossman relaxing between procedures.
This image shows the grafted tissue from the bovine fetus as it is bonding with Natalia’s body and tissue. The hope is to “fake out” her immune system to think that the skin is her own. Her grafts cover her entire back aft of her neck but this image show progress and acceptance. Natalia is off her IV and eating well but has a mild pneumonia (chest cold) that has shown to be a problem yet. KEEP HER IN YOUR THOUGHTS TODAY.

It is hard to really wrap my arms around what happened today…Dr Grossman and his whole staff were just…perfect. No other way to put it.. Maybe, “magically perfect”. I am grateful beyond words. In this photo he is performing on Phoenix.

PUPPY UPDATE-8:44 am 2/17/12:
Today is the day!!! The girls get their skin-graft treatment from Dr. Grossman! Thanks again everyone for helping make this miracle possible. Amazing things are happening and we are seeing the best of humanity through this whole situation. Our girls, Pheonix and Natalia, will one day be frolicking, wagging tails, and roughhousing with Marley and his Mutts.
Going to shake the hand of THE MAN today-Dr. HEAL-PUP himself. That’s right, the inestimable, incomparable, world –famous, pioneer of burn treatment and therapy; Sergeant Scald, the Baron of Blister, the Sultan of Scorch, DR. A. RICHARD GROSSMAN. Sorry if it sounds like I’m kissing his butt but I have no shame when it comes to these girls and our good Doctor may very well save their lives. I will post a full report ASAP.
We hear from Natalia (the human), one of the folks who are caring for Phoenix and Natalia (the dog) at Pet Emergency Clinics and Speciality Hospital:
Working with Natalia and Phoenix has been a life-changing experience for me and the rest of the staff at the Pet Emergency and Specialty Clinic.

I’m please to report that both pups are doing fine. I definitely see a significant improvement in Phoenix. She is starting to do normal puppy stuff like chew on my fingers. If it wasn’t for her bandages and scars you would never know how much this girl has overcome!
Natalia’s burns are looking a lot better today, but she still has a long way to go. We are looking forward to seeing Dr. Grossman work his magic on her. She is definitely a fighter.
Both pups have a ravenous appetite. They are receiving IV fluids, antibiotics, hyperbaric treatments, and pain medication to keep them comfortable. I’m happy to say that when I left work today, both pups were sleeping comfortably. I held Natalia in my arms and Chelsea (my coworker who has been working just as hard as me for these little guys) held Phoenix. These puppies received the love and attention that every puppy deserves. We are all doing everything in our power to ensure these puppies receive the best veterinary care possible! They are little miracles..
Thank you, Marleys Mutts, for everything you do, and trusting our facility to care for these critical patients it is truly an honor.
Thanks for everything you do, Zach! ? You’re an amazing person! God Bless You……. Natalia
P.S. I am so honored you named a puppy after me (I was calling her Flower). When Dr. Werner told me you named her Natalia, I burst into tears! It brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. Thank You…

Story on KERO News:
PUPPY UPDATE-9:05 am 2/16/12:
Just got off the phone with Dr. Werner (who I haven’t met and can’t wait to hug) and the pups are doing VERY WELL. Two fair ways to judge a pup’s comfort level (as far as pain and generally speaking) are whether they are sleeping and eating-and our girls are doing both!! They are in the hyperbaric chamber as we speak and are fending off infections well. Dr. Grossman (aka the MOST VENERABLE ONE, aka the high-protecter of burned puppies, aka DR. HEAL) is coming by after work to help redress the girls and examine their progress. Keep it up gang, let’s do what we do so that they can keep on fighting.

PUPPY UPDATE-2:41 pm 2/15/12
Check out the wrap job that Dr. Grossman did on Natalia. His knowledge and expertise combined with the carful attention of staff like Natalia at the clinic is making all the difference. What a team!
PUPPY UPDATE-12:54 pm 2/15/12
Dr. Grossman removing dead tissue from Phoenix, who is in a propofol-induced sedation.
PUPPY UPDATE-11:36 pm 2/14/12
What an amazing community/worldwide effort we’ve had to come to the aid of these puppies!! Can you believe that Dr. Grossman from the world famous Grossman Burn Center has offered his expertise and services to help our little girls? Dr. Grossman is taking his day off, this Friday, to spend with our girls and perform a very complicated skin graft surgery. This surgery is crucially important to the pups’ future because without real, tangible skin growth, they don’t have a future. Dr. Grossman is the Albert Einstein of burn treatment, so having him on the team is truly an honor!
PUPPY UPDATE-4:42 pm 2/14/12
Dr. Grossman of Grossman Burn Center donated time and expertise to the pups today. He will be performing skin grafts on the pups on Friday.

PUPPY UPDATE-12:12 pm 2/14/12
I spoke with Dr. Werner (in Thousand Oaks) this morning and as is usually the case with burns like these, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. Unfortunately, she recommended that Pele be put to sleep. Pele’s burns were 3rd degree, over 80% of her body and had become infected. Her inability to stave off infection combined with the extreme amount of pain made it a very clear decesion to put her to sleep. The Dr.’s had Pele on a drug called Ketamine which essentially disassociates the brain from the body. Ketamine combines with her pain meds to virtually remove the pain and gently eased her into the other world.
Now, for the good news. Dr. Grossman from the GROSSMAN BURN CENTER in Los Angeles is visiting with the pups (Natalia and Phoenix) within the hour. He is bringing his expertise to bear along with a MAGICAL VETERINARY KIT designed specifically for burn patients. Natalia and Phoenix now have THE BEST BURN DOCTOR IN THE COUNTRY, who operates the foremost burn center in the country, on their team!! If that doesn’t make you want to shout “Yee Haaaww” then you need to check your pulse!
Natalia (whom we named one of the puppies after) is our liaison at the Clinic and she will be keeping us in the loop and sending us pictures and pertinent info regarding their progress. Natalia, the dog (black and white pit bull), is the worse for wear but her infection doesn’t seem to be life threatening (at this point). She is getting gentle, saline and baby shampoo baths twice a day (as recommended by the burn center) and is having excess necrotic skin tissue removed. Natalia is receiving terrific pain management treatment through a catheter that is making life much more tolerable for her. She has begun treatments in the hyperbaric chamber which will help prevent infection and, with any luck, rapidly increase the pace at which her body heals.
Phoenix, who is the smallest (doxy mix) and came to us in possibly the worse shape, has shown herself to be a real fighter. She is the “Mickey Ward” of puppies and seems to just keep her head down, persevere and fight, fight, fight! Her body has shown a unbelievable resilience that has kept her virtually infection free-for the time being. She is very responsive and craves attention. It seems that some her cries are for pettin’ and lovin’ rather than pain related.
Their care is very costly but worth every penny. We are making guided and calculated decisions to ensure that we stay practical and pragmatic. We are aware that this money you all are so generously donating could be used for a variety of benevolent endeavors, including saving other dogs. I want you all to be confident that we are trying our best to be smart and sensible and avoid making foolhardy, naïve decisions.
Keep Natalia and Phoenix in your minds and in your prayers and we will keep you updated and informed. Please continue supporting Marley’s Mutts and these little girls with your donations and we will do our best to insure they have the finest care and the greatest shot at survival and prosperity.
Much Love,
Z and the Mutts
PUPPY UPDATE-8:00 pm 2/13/12
Puppy update from down at the Pet Emergency Care Clinics and Speciality Hospital in Thousand Oaks. The amazing docs down here gave the girls a once over and Dr. Cheryl Braswell has given us a high level overview of what the girls are going to need initially to hit the road to recovery. Not going to lie here: the list is really long, and will include more than just the Hyperbaric Chamber at this point. These girls are going to need multiple whirlpool treatments to help remove dead skin and fight infections from the outer layers of remain good tissues and muscle. Also aggressive rounds of antibiotics to stave off internal infections that may not have reared their head yet.
At this point this is all just the initial assessment and we will hopefully have a more detailed picture tomorrow since the Dr’s are working on them tonight. With all the courses of action that are going to be needed our initial fundraising goal of $5000.00 is now barely going to cover a day and a half at the facility. Rough estimates at this point put the expenses for the girls at $1000 per day, per puppy while they are being treated at the hospital. So to try to help absorb the costs, we’re going to increase the ChipIn fundraiser goal up to $15000.00 at this point to get the girls started and see how treatments and care go.
All the amazing donations that have come in thus far have been amazing and we can’t thank you enough for all that you have done and are still doing to help give these girls a fighting chance.
This is a herculean effort to say the least and one that we will all lose sleep over in the coming days as we call and get reports on how our girls are doing. We hope that everyone will continue to spread the word about these girls and their fight to survive.
Please keep them in your prayers and keep the good energy headed their way. They are in for a tough haul, but these girls are up for it…
PUPPY UPDATE-4:00 p,m 2/13/12
Kathleen and I ARE ON OUR WAY TO TREATMENT IN THOUSAND OAKS!!! We had to make the tough decision to euthanize the tan and white pitty girl. She was not using her back legs and was in too much pain but the other three are with us and we will be there in 2 1/2 hours. Hopefully they will get their first HBOT treatment tonight!
PUPPY UPDATE-11:57 am 2/13/12
We are pluggin’ away and have found a few hospitals that have HBOT’s (hyperbaric oxygen tanks). The costs are going to be very high at about $160 per treatment, each needing about two treatments per day. The facility in Thousand Oaks may be able to fit all of the pups in the HBOT at the same time but we won’t know until their “boss” doctor is back on shift. The goal is to have them at a facility and treated in a hyperbaric by the end of today. PLEASE CONTINUE THE SUPPORT AND SPREAD THE WORD. THIS IS GOING TO ME A LENGTHY AND VERY EXPENSIVE PROCESS. The pups are doing the hard work, all we have to do is keep praying and ask friends to pitch in a few bucks. Keep it up, gang! Z
PUPPY UPDATE-8:47 am 2/13/12
PUPS ARE DOING WELL. I wasn’t sure what to expect today, but they are all eating and drinking well-which is a very good sign. They were cleaned up this morning and have begun to take meds orally rather than with injections. Going to work hard today to find a portable hyperbaric chamber or a facility that has one for the pups to be transferred to.
PUPPY UPDATE-7:44 am 2/13/12
Wanted to give a ChipIn fundraising update. In 72 hours we have made it to 64% of our goal!!! We are still pushing hard and running down leads for a Hyperbaric Chamber to help heal wounds and stave off infection, but with the holiday today things might be a little slow on that front. But if you have a lead or know someone who might happen to have one of these laying around post a comment in the thread.
Keep the word spreading, hit the water coolers, the line at the Starbucks, etc…
Thank you all so much for the contributions and the help thus far. It is going to take the combined efforts of us all to keep these little girls moving forward… If they are will to fight as hard as they are, then we need to do the same…
Keep the prayers and good vibes going and spread the word!!!!
PUPPY UPDATE-11:28 am 2/12/12
Stormy checked in with me today and said that the pups are hanging in there. The only change is that they upped their pain meds. Tomorrow we will reassess the situation and go from there. WE NEED THAT HYPERBARIC CHAMBER BUT PROBABLY WON’T HEAR BACK UNTIL AFTER THE MONDAY HOLIDAY. Keep praying everybody and sending those positive vibrations.
PUPPY UPDATE-9:00 pm 2/11/12:
HYPERBARIC OXYGEN UNITS FOR THE PUPPIES: All right…we do have one thing that we can do to help these pups and that is get them in a hyperbaric chamber to help promote healing and prevent infection. Josh found some places to rent and sent me the links which I have followed up on and left messages. So… WE NEED TO FIND A HYPERBARIC CHAMBER TO RENT OR HAVE DONATED. We did some research and a couple of hours in the chamber a couple of times a day for these dogs could do a world of good. Tall order, I know, but get to networking and see what we can come up with. Go get em’ gang.
PUPPY UPDATE-9:30 am, 2/11/12:
Just got off the phone with Stormy, who is caring for the puppies at the Tehachapi Vet Hospital. Everyone needs to know two important facts 1) The puppies are being medicated carefully to keep them as comfortable as possible and 2) This is an uphill battle that may get worse before it gets better.
I’m not being pessimistic, I just want everyone to know that burns of this nature are extremely difficult to treat and require many weeks and months to mend. We are contacting burn specialists who are familiar with treating burns down to the muscle. The girls have had a significant amount of dead skin removed and they are being treated with antibiotics as well as topical meds.
We need to thank Stormy and Kim and the staff for going through what they have to help these girls. The smell alone is enough to make you flinch and they don’t hesitate at all to get right in there and help.
I got a call yesterday from a family in California City who needed urgent help with 4 badly burned puppy girls. They were clearly distraught and their helplessness came across clearly over the phone. They had two litters of puppies that were staying in an outside building and were keeping them warm with a heating lamp. Something happened with the heating lamp that lit the structure ablaze. Several of the puppies were saved-unscathed- but 4 were killed and one died at the veterinary hospital in Cal City. Still four others survived but were badly burned-3rd degree over 60% of their bodies, all four of them in equally bad shape.
THIS FAMILY DID EVERYTHING THEY COULD!! From the grandfather, who wept as he tried to save them, to the Dad who adminstered life-saving oxygen (from grandpa’s oxygen tank), to the grandson who has stayed home from school to care for them for the last week. They are poor and have very few resources but spent as much as they could at the vet in Cal City to get the pups the medicine that they need. They reached out to as many organizations as they could, none of whom could help, and then they found us online.
The fire occurred on 2-8-12 and they have kept the pups alive that long and virtually not slept in the process. So, now what do we do? Dr. Komin and the staff of the Tehachapi Veterinary Hospital are on it!! They have each been bathed, medicated and are working on having the dead tissue cut away. THE PUPS ARE BEING CAREFULLY ADMINISTERED SMALL DOSES OF PAIN MEDICATION TO LIMIT SUFFERING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. We have to keep them clean and hope and pray that they do not become “septic,” an infection which they cannot combat.
The pups are 3 pit bull girls and one chi/dox mix girl. I think we should name them-suggestions? We need to gather as much postive energy and try to focus it on these little girls. It’s going to take a miracle but we’ve witnessed miracles before and I think they’ve got what it takes. Keep it up gang!!

19 Responses to The Burned Puppies

  1. Cynthie Bond says:

    As stated on the payment link, my mother suffered 3rd degree burns on 40% of her body years ago. I remember all too well the long, painful therapy she had to go through to survive. I want to thank you for placing the same emphasis and care on these little creatures of God by stepping forward and helping them out as well. I will continue to look for your updates on FB.


  2. Debra Young says:


    I know everyone thinks they are doing the very best that can be done for these pups, but I would not make these puppies go through one more second of the horrible pain they are experiencing. It’s easy to donate money and watch for updates. We are not going through this pain. I believe keeping these puppies alive with months of therapy ahead is selfish on the human side of things. If they survive, we can all say what a wonderful thing we’ve done. What about the emotional pain that will last their whole lives?
    I hope you will all rethink your motives……..

  3. John David Stevens says:

    May God bless the puppies and God bless the people taking care of them. I pray they get adopted out. Feel free to contact me if you absolutely cannot find a home for one of them when they are all healed up, assuming they heal up and survive, which I pray. I could only donate $25 and I am in Indianapolis Indiana but would do anything to help them out. email is

  4. janene says:

    any updates on these babies today?

  5. Judy Stevens says:

    When I bumped this post up to the top of the page, some of the previous comments were accidentally lost. Sorry if it was one of yours. Please feel free to re-comment. Is that even a word.

  6. Elizabeth Jo More says:

    OH MY - such sweet babies. They look like they are in a very good place to take care of them in the best way possible to help them survive. Thanks you Zach and all the people around you who are making this possible.



  7. Rachel says:

    Bless you, and Dr Grossman, too! It’s probably not many doctors (much less the top experts) who would take time from their busy schedules to help puppies as he has done.

    What a wonderful thing!

    My thoughts and my heart are with the puppies, and I’m hoping to see a happy ending for each of them.

  8. Elizabeth Jo More says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Everytime I check the total for donations it goes UP another $100.00!!!!!

  9. these were our puppies and our grearest thank yous go out to everyone. these puppies had a very loving home. but went through a very tragic accident. my family and i have never been through anything like this. we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. zack has been a god send we took care of the puppies on are own for a cuple days but new they needed more then we could provide. we have 5 children in this family and this tragic accident took it`s toll on them. the fact that they are getting this amazing chance has giving all of us the peace to sleep at night. we hope no one ever has to go through any tipe of tragedy but it is the best to no that there are still people you can count on. we love all of you.a specail thanks to Dr. grossmen from our family you and zack are vary specail people. thnk thank thank jerry margie and family

  10. Elizabeth Jo More says:

    Oh My! went to bed and donations were 11,250 - now up to 12,250!!! Awesome! Zach, everyone at Marley’s Mutts, Dr. Grossman and his team, Tehachapi Vets, and Emergency Vets Group have won my heart F.O.R.E.V.E.R. I don’t know that I have ever seen such an outpouring of love and caring for our four legged angels. I cry happy tears of joy for the two survivors and tears of heartache for the ones lost. There is a Rainbow Bridge and we will see them again happy and whole.

  11. Ashley Dunlap says:

    Originally from TN, I sent word to my mom who works at a home health agency to try and get the money raising going there. May God bless EVERYONE that are dedicating time and effort to these poor babies. You all are angels, and being an animal lover I want to thank each and every one of you for what you are doing for these precious creatures.

  12. sherri nicholas says:

    To Debra Young, I hope you do not and never will own any animals ever.

  13. Zach Skow says:

    The above statement by Debra Young took some thought, and I appreciate her perspective. I would ask her to strike up a conversation with any humans who have gone through similar treatment (horrific pain included) and ask them if they regret surviving. If she can find one that agree’s with her, I will happily retract my statement. I’m sorry she feels that way and am frankly dumfounded that she would find this massive, outpouring of pure love to be anything but a glorious example of the selflessness of so many people. This has been God personified on a spectacular level. I received a $2.37 donation from a kid in the bronx. It was his allowance and I would be hard pressed to find a selfish motive behind that..To each their own.

  14. Laura Akers says:

    I just saw the story on Eyewitness News in Bakersfield and my heart goes out to these poor pups and their humans! Thank you for caring for these animals in such a loving way and I pray they return home quickly and healthy or get adopted out easily if that is the case. I have my pup sitting by me and can’t imagine him having to go through this. Much love,

  15. Jackie says:

    I just love these girls - glad that they are getting the help they need.

  16. Nat says:

    It’s the actions that we take on behalf of those that can offer nothing tangible in return, that really speak to our character. This man, who I’m sure has plenty of money and patients waiting in line, took time out of his life to help these beautiful animals. My hat’s off to him, and may he be an example to others.
    Thank you all for what you do.

  17. Sarah Wilkinson says:

    I check daily on here on our angels progress & the reason I say our angels is so many of us have taken Natalia & Phoenix into our hearts.
    It’s a miracle what Dr Grossman & his team are doing for them, we’re blessed to have this wonderful man who in my eyes deserves a Knighthood from the Queen or making a Saint for this selfless act of love.
    Sending sqidgy huggles & big puppy kisses to them both.<3 always to you Natalia & Phoenix. xXx

  18. Hannah Gross says:

    I’m 9 years old. I saw the news report on T V. I went to my money bank and told my mom that I wanted to give some money. I want to be a vet when I grow up too. I love animals sooo much. I think that you are soo sweet for helping the puppies. Thank you!

  19. Judy Stevens says:

    Hannah, we think YOU are the sweet one! You are going to be an amazing vet! Thank you from the Marley’s Mutts Team.

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