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March 3, 2022


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Written by: Judy Stevens

This colossal canine is “the Dude,” aka the Big Lebowski, and he is a 3-4 year- old, 115 lb., neutered, Chocolate Labrador. The Dude was found wandering the streets of Bakersfield with his sister, Kenya. After substantial efforts to locate their parents, we can only assume that they were dumped. You don’t get a name like “The Dude” by being an average, run-of–the-mill dog. For starters, Dude is very heavy—borderline incredibly obese. He may be packin’ some serious poundage but he moves very well. He can run like the wind and has the endurance of a marathon runner. Because Dude is young, his weight doesn’t bother his skeletal structure; no hip, back or knee problems. He can jump in and out of the vehicle and-–like I said—he can go for long hikes or bike rides without a problem. He also travels extremely well. By “travels,” I mean he falls asleep within the first five minutes. I have been working with the Dude on a skateboard and he is getting better and better. He will easily lose the weight and should have no problem keeping it off as long as he isn’t allowed to “graze” on his food. At first, I worried that the Dude would challenge Marley for pack supremacy but “the Dude abides” and fell into line just like the others. The Dude is a really a terrific character and will make some lucky family very happy.

If you are interested in adopting the Dude, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852 or 661-821-1327.

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  1. Jennifer Wallace

    Hello, I am interested in learning more about “the dude”. I have a choc who is 3 and loves other dogs, he is lonely when I work and I think he needs a bro.

    My number is (714) 975-4540

  2. Judy Stevens

    Hi Jennifer, as suggested, call or email Zach. He doesn’t come to the comments section of the website very often. Best to try to contact him (leave a message).


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