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March 23, 2022

Olive Oyl

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Written by: Judy Stevens

OLIVE OYL UPDATE: 6:45, 3/23/12

Neurologist said she definitely has hydrocephalus but that it could be manageable without putting in shunts (drains). We were able to do an ultrasound by peering through the holes in her skull into her brain. Her brain composition showed a lot of water on the brain and a very small frontal cortex- so, our girl just isn’t very bright. Turns out that she’s not going to be on the academic decathlon team but she could live a relatively normal life. The next few months will be crucial but, for now, our girl is ok!


This is our new girl, Olive Oyl, who was found alone on a commercial farm in Bakersfield. Olive Oyl has a congenital brith defect call hydrocephalus, which is essentially water on the brain. This affliction manifests itself in her with symptoms such as her over-sized head and off-directional eyes (googly eyes?). She aslo has severe soft spots on her head which make her very vulnerable. Her condition is very serious and often grave, but we are going to give her the best shot we can by taking her to a neurologist in Tustin. A thorough diagnosis and subsequent treatment will be costly, so chip in if you can!! Start sharing, crossposting and well-wishing because O.O. needs us!

We showed the world what we could do for our burned pups, lets get behind Olive Oyl with the same vigor!

We have started a dedicated ChipIn Page for our little girl here

Thanks gang!

Z and the Mutts

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  1. Cynthia Reniche

    Any idea how much it will cost to have Olive Oyle tested and any treatment. I do realize it is kind of soon but any idea will be helpful

  2. Judy Stevens

    We should know more after today … Zach is taking her for evaluation today.

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