This peculiar looking petite is Buck and he is a Pug/Chihuahua mix, or “CHUG.” Buck is an extremely interesting dog with very human-like qualities and emotions. Buck found his way to Starbucks (hence the name) at about 5 am and started scratching on the door. Not like a scared, timid dog, but like a child who has lost his parents. He must have heard about the staff at Starbucks and figured “this is my best bet for some help—a meal or possibly a cup of Joe!” Buck has adorable way of asking for something where he puts his paw up and mutters a quiet “ROOOOHHH.” After being scanned for a microchip and taken to various locations to look for owners, the gals at Starbuck’s contacted me, which wasn’t very difficult as I was on the patio at Starbucks conducting a doggy date. This little Buck is surprisingly mellow and tame—he just kind of hangs out. He’s like that friend that we all have whose response to everything is “Sure, whatever.” Little Buckly will be neutered next week and be brought up to speed on his vaccinations.

If you are interested in adopting Buck, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852, 821-1327.


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