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April 10, 2022

Real Hero Interviewed on Channel 17

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Written by: Judy Stevens

Zach was named one of Kern County’s Real Heroes by the American Red Cross. Kelsey Thomas interviewed Zach on April 9, 2012. [click logo]

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Judy Stevens


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  1. chuck ellis

    if there’s anyone in this town who can shed light on this man’s true character it would be myself. I met this guy before i went into the military, and i took to him as someone in my circle whom i knew nothing about. but as time passed we bacame close and Zach became someone who i truly valued as a friend which was surprising given the position we were placed in when we met. All i can say is this, having known him for a long time personally and having been to the house where all these pooches are kept, he is a man of his word and he lives up to his promise. He truly is the one who loves and takes care of things that others can’t. there’s no mistake in putting him face to face with oprah to explain himself, this is not an act. He’s the real deal.

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