PUPPY UPDATE-3:55 pm 4/11/12

NEW Update! Puppy Burn Survivor Release Party! Mark your calendars - May 19th  - the Thousand Oaks Pet Hospital and Specialty Clinic.

More details to come!!! YAAAAAYYYY, we are so excited for these girlies!





News story about the girls.





PUPPY UPDATE-6:05 pm 4/3/12

Our burned girls are doing great. Going to see them tomorrow and do a follow up interview with the Ventura County paper. Phoenix’s ears and tail are crooked from the burns and that she has considerable scarring, but that’s about it.



PUPPY UPDATE-10 pm 3/26/12

Just returned home from a wonderful trip! Our Burned Pups (Natty and Phe Phe) have made shocking progress. I wish I could more adequately convey what a miracle their recovery has been. Chelsea (their primary care nurse) has learned so much from Dr. Grossman and, along with Dr. Werner and team, cares for our girls with patience, skill, love and pride. The man upstairs was sure looking out for these girls! Raw, painful, smelly burns that once dominated the vast majority of Natalia’s skin are all but gone. Natty has a wound in the shape of a web that is getting smaller every day and doesn’t even cause her to itch! Natalia is just a dog now and that’s all we could have asked for.

PUPPY UPDATE-11 am 3/24/12

Natalia and Phoenix have been getting treatment in the new, highly pressurized hyperbaric chamber. Phoenix’s bandages are off and Natalia is looking at a few more weeks. After that, we have THE PUPLY RELEASE PARTY!





PUPPY UPDATE-8:45 am 3/23/12

HUGE BURNED PUPPY NEWS!! Phoenix has healed to the point that she no longer needs bandages! Unbelievable!! No more daily dressing and redressing. Third degree burns once covered more than half her body and now she has nothing but well-healed scars and new skin! Way to go Pet Emergency Hospital!!!!


Natalia and Phoenix had treatments in the new hyperbaric chamber yesterday!! Dr. Grossman came by and dressed their wounds and gave them a clean bill of health. Phoenix’s wounds have nearly completely healed! Natty is progressing very well but she was just a little worse off to begin with.


Meeting with Dr. Grossman tomorrow at the Pet Emergency Hospital to treat the girls and put together a tenative plan for their release. We will be throwing a big party down there when they are released.

PUPPY UPDATE: 9:00 am 3/13/12

Off to the Pet Emergency Hospital! The girls are more playful than they have ever been and act just like puppies- not “burned within an inch of their lives” puppies. Phoenix steals Natalia’s bed and then hold it hostage, its very funny and I’ll post it later. Will have very good updates by the end of the day!


Dr. Grossman met with the pups today and he couldn’t be more pleased with their progress-in fact, everybody involved with this great endeavor is blown away. After examining the pups and re-dressing their burns, we had lunch and talked about their recovery. The general consensus is that Phoenix is well on her way to recovery and Natalia, whose burns are worse WILL NOT require skin grafts. Furthermore the girls will stay in TO until they are ready to leave, whenever that may be. They could not be at a more loving capable facility and Dr. Werner, Chelsea, Natalia and staff seem all too happy to have them. I continue to be awestruck by the generosity of those involved but we must all continue to keep the girls in our thoughts and prayers.

PUPPY UPDATE-3:15 pm 3/5/12

Just left the Pet Emergency and Specialty Hospital and you would not believe how well these pups are doing!!! The staff there are spectacular and make us feel like family. Phoenix’s wound is shrinking rapidly and Natalia is closing the gap! Just amazing! We had play time for about an hour and they were going a million miles an hour the entire time.

PUPPY UPDATE-9:20 am 2/29/12

We are organizing a trip next week for the original family of the puppies to go and see them. They are a great bunch and this has been an emotional rollercoaster ride for them as well. Hopefully Dr. Grossman will be back from his trip and they will get to meet him too. They lost a lot of sleep during this process and having them see the girls will really brighten them up, hopefully. (Pic is of the lovely Chelsea and our girls)

PUPPY UPDATE-1:13 pm 2/28/12

Many of you have asked about the future of our girls; will they go to a therapy school, will you keep them, will they be adopted-if so, by whom, etc. For now, we are just going to take it one day at a time. Our hope is that one or both of our girls will be well suited for therapy (at Grossman and elsewhere) but that is putting the cart before the horse. For now, we just want to focus on their recovery (which is plenty to keep us occupied) and the rest will unfold later as it should. Keep up the positive wishes and prayers and we’ll keep updating! Thanks!

PUPPY UPDATE-12:35 pm 2/27/12

We just pulled Natalia and Phoenix out of hyperbaric and they are starting play time. What do you all think of Natty’s dress? She’s not thrilled…

PUPPY UPDATE-10:22 am 2/26/12

Our girls are doing very well! Play time continues to be very helpful to their progess. Natty and Lil’ P look like two normal sisters rollin’ around on the floor together. The only diferenceis is that they are completely wrapped in special bandages and sometimes half undress each other. Natalia’s back end-which we were worried about- continues to build muscle and improve. Looking at them now, you can honestly start imagine their potential. They are getting more vivacious every day and are on their way to becoming therapy dogs!

PUPPY UPDATE-9:10 am 2/24/12
Another good start to the day for the girls. They have had their dresses changed and are readying for hyperbaric. They do about 2 hours, 3 times a day in the chamber and the results are obvious. It hasn’t even been two weeks yet the girls are developing scar tissue and new tissue similar to months of treatment. Keep the staff at the Pet Emergency Hospital in your thoughts as well; they are a special group and they deserve it. Thanks and praise to Chelsea, Natalia, Dr. Werner and the whole bunch. Which reminds me, I think we need a nick-name for the crew down there in Thousand Oaks—suggestions?
PUPPY UPDATE-8:00 pm 2/21/12
Hey Everyone,
Just wanted to let you all know WE DID IT!!!! Thanks to all of your generosity we made the goal of $15,000 for the Natalia and Phoenix. Since the amazing Dr. Grossman of the Grossman Burn Center and the equally amazing folks at the Pet Emergency Clinics and Specialty Veterinary Hospital of Thousand Oaks have gone above and beyond by donating their time and services, the funds that you have all generously raised are now going to be used for the girls post-operative care to help with physical therapy and any necessities they may need.
I don’t know if we will every be able to truly convey the gratitude and the overwhelming sense of joy knowing that together, with the help of so many, we have given these girls a 2nd chance at life.
To everyone who has shown support during this effort we can’t thank you enough. Keep these little girls in your prayers and the good vibes flowing their way.
Thank you all again for everything that you have helped to accomplish in this short amount of time…

PUPPY UPDATE-11:02 am 2/22/12
TODAY WE GET TO SEE OUR GIRLS!! Just got off the phone with Dr. Werner at the Pet Emergency Hospital in Thousand Oaks and the consensus is positive. Our girls were napping in Hyperbaric. Natalia’s back leg is healing a bit funky and tightening on her, which makes her favor it. This is not unusual or bad, it’s just the nature of her injury. The burn was so deep that it damaged the muscle and that muscle has to repair itself as well. Phoenix is her usual, peppy self; not much else to report on her. I will be checking up on them in person along with Cathy and Dr. Grossman at around 1 pm and will have pics and updates ready. The bond that this team has developed continues to grow and with it, so does the girls chance of prosperity. I’m very blessed to be a part of all of this. (What a sweet pic of Natalia and Natalia).
PUPPY UPDATE-9:09 am 2/21/12
Pups are well, headed into hyperbaric in about 10 minutes. Dr Grossman and I (along with several others) will be visiting the pups tomorrow. We’ll get some great pics of their progress and have a very detailed report to relay back to you all. Natalia’s chest cold seems to not be bothering her and they are both eating like champs today. After tomorrow, we will have an idea of what their longer term treatment plan will be and when they will be receiving grafts. So far, so good!!
The girls are feeling frisky! The fact that they are being this rambunctious is a great sign. Dr. Grossman is going to swing by on Wednesday to evaluate the girls to see if thay are going to be ready for their first true skin grafts!!
PUPPY UPDATE-12:30 pm 2/20/12:
The pups are doing very well. Natalia’s chest cold is getting better and she is breathing more easily. Dr Grossman came by the hospital yesterday and removed the bovine fetal tissue that has been “stimulating” the girls’ skin for the last 30 hours. The bovine tiissue was only a short term treatment designed to get the girls immune system going and hope that some cells regenerate. Dr G and the staff at Pet Emergency rewrapped them in “dirty paper” which is a gauze of special composition designed specifically for burns. Can’t say enough about the staff in Thousand Oaks, they are doing an amazing job.
CBS Channel 2 news broke a story on Dr. Grossman helping with the burned puppies, which was picked up by OMG Yahoo.
Zach and Dr. Grossman relaxing between procedures.
This image shows the grafted tissue from the bovine fetus as it is bonding with Natalia’s body and tissue. The hope is to “fake out” her immune system to think that the skin is her own. Her grafts cover her entire back aft of her neck but this image show progress and acceptance. Natalia is off her IV and eating well but has a mild pneumonia (chest cold) that has shown to be a problem yet. KEEP HER IN YOUR THOUGHTS TODAY.

23 Responses to The Burned Puppies

  1. Cynthie Bond says:

    As stated on the payment link, my mother suffered 3rd degree burns on 40% of her body years ago. I remember all too well the long, painful therapy she had to go through to survive. I want to thank you for placing the same emphasis and care on these little creatures of God by stepping forward and helping them out as well. I will continue to look for your updates on FB.


  2. Debra Young says:


    I know everyone thinks they are doing the very best that can be done for these pups, but I would not make these puppies go through one more second of the horrible pain they are experiencing. It’s easy to donate money and watch for updates. We are not going through this pain. I believe keeping these puppies alive with months of therapy ahead is selfish on the human side of things. If they survive, we can all say what a wonderful thing we’ve done. What about the emotional pain that will last their whole lives?
    I hope you will all rethink your motives……..

  3. John David Stevens says:

    May God bless the puppies and God bless the people taking care of them. I pray they get adopted out. Feel free to contact me if you absolutely cannot find a home for one of them when they are all healed up, assuming they heal up and survive, which I pray. I could only donate $25 and I am in Indianapolis Indiana but would do anything to help them out. email is jdstevens35@yahoo.com

  4. janene says:

    any updates on these babies today?

  5. Judy Stevens says:

    When I bumped this post up to the top of the page, some of the previous comments were accidentally lost. Sorry if it was one of yours. Please feel free to re-comment. Is that even a word.

  6. Elizabeth Jo More says:

    OH MY - such sweet babies. They look like they are in a very good place to take care of them in the best way possible to help them survive. Thanks you Zach and all the people around you who are making this possible.



  7. Rachel says:

    Bless you, and Dr Grossman, too! It’s probably not many doctors (much less the top experts) who would take time from their busy schedules to help puppies as he has done.

    What a wonderful thing!

    My thoughts and my heart are with the puppies, and I’m hoping to see a happy ending for each of them.

  8. Elizabeth Jo More says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Everytime I check the total for donations it goes UP another $100.00!!!!!

  9. these were our puppies and our grearest thank yous go out to everyone. these puppies had a very loving home. but went through a very tragic accident. my family and i have never been through anything like this. we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. zack has been a god send we took care of the puppies on are own for a cuple days but new they needed more then we could provide. we have 5 children in this family and this tragic accident took it`s toll on them. the fact that they are getting this amazing chance has giving all of us the peace to sleep at night. we hope no one ever has to go through any tipe of tragedy but it is the best to no that there are still people you can count on. we love all of you.a specail thanks to Dr. grossmen from our family you and zack are vary specail people. thnk thank thank jerry margie and family

  10. Elizabeth Jo More says:

    Oh My! went to bed and donations were 11,250 - now up to 12,250!!! Awesome! Zach, everyone at Marley’s Mutts, Dr. Grossman and his team, Tehachapi Vets, and Emergency Vets Group have won my heart F.O.R.E.V.E.R. I don’t know that I have ever seen such an outpouring of love and caring for our four legged angels. I cry happy tears of joy for the two survivors and tears of heartache for the ones lost. There is a Rainbow Bridge and we will see them again happy and whole.

  11. Ashley Dunlap says:

    Originally from TN, I sent word to my mom who works at a home health agency to try and get the money raising going there. May God bless EVERYONE that are dedicating time and effort to these poor babies. You all are angels, and being an animal lover I want to thank each and every one of you for what you are doing for these precious creatures.

  12. sherri nicholas says:

    To Debra Young, I hope you do not and never will own any animals ever.

  13. Zach Skow says:

    The above statement by Debra Young took some thought, and I appreciate her perspective. I would ask her to strike up a conversation with any humans who have gone through similar treatment (horrific pain included) and ask them if they regret surviving. If she can find one that agree’s with her, I will happily retract my statement. I’m sorry she feels that way and am frankly dumfounded that she would find this massive, outpouring of pure love to be anything but a glorious example of the selflessness of so many people. This has been God personified on a spectacular level. I received a $2.37 donation from a kid in the bronx. It was his allowance and I would be hard pressed to find a selfish motive behind that..To each their own.

  14. Laura Akers says:

    I just saw the story on Eyewitness News in Bakersfield and my heart goes out to these poor pups and their humans! Thank you for caring for these animals in such a loving way and I pray they return home quickly and healthy or get adopted out easily if that is the case. I have my pup sitting by me and can’t imagine him having to go through this. Much love,

  15. Jackie says:

    I just love these girls - glad that they are getting the help they need.

  16. Nat says:

    It’s the actions that we take on behalf of those that can offer nothing tangible in return, that really speak to our character. This man, who I’m sure has plenty of money and patients waiting in line, took time out of his life to help these beautiful animals. My hat’s off to him, and may he be an example to others.
    Thank you all for what you do.

  17. Sarah Wilkinson says:

    I check daily on here on our angels progress & the reason I say our angels is so many of us have taken Natalia & Phoenix into our hearts.
    It’s a miracle what Dr Grossman & his team are doing for them, we’re blessed to have this wonderful man who in my eyes deserves a Knighthood from the Queen or making a Saint for this selfless act of love.
    Sending sqidgy huggles & big puppy kisses to them both.<3 always to you Natalia & Phoenix. xXx

  18. Hannah Gross says:

    I’m 9 years old. I saw the news report on T V. I went to my money bank and told my mom that I wanted to give some money. I want to be a vet when I grow up too. I love animals sooo much. I think that you are soo sweet for helping the puppies. Thank you!

  19. Judy Stevens says:

    Hannah, we think YOU are the sweet one! You are going to be an amazing vet! Thank you from the Marley’s Mutts Team.

  20. Elizabeth Jo More says:

    I have decided Dr. Grossman, Zach, Tehachapi Vet, Pet Emergency Care Clinics and Speciality Hospital in Thousand Oaks - are the “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” by way of “Amazing Grace” for these puppies.

  21. Sarah Wilkinson says:

    Have made a 2nd donation towards our angels treatment it may have been only $25 in total the amount I have donated but if I had it to do again I would in less than a heartbeat.
    It is wonderful news to hear they’re doing so well & are playing, when they start to get their skin grafts it’ll show yet again the magic of a wonderfully gifted man Saint Dr Grossman the healer of our sweet baby girls. I &heart; you Natalia & Phoenix stay strong. xXx

  22. Toni Ezell says:

    I saw an article on the puppies on Pet’s Pardon. I’m always amazed at how different people respond. I was just heartbroken and then found this page and have watched and prayed not only for the puppies but for the owners and how hard that had to be for them. Then all the people who have stepped forward to help them. I believe things happen in our lives for purpose and that God has a plan for everything. I can’t wait to see what lies in store for these two amazing puppies. I think they could and should be theaphy dogs. Image how much love and understanding they could give to a child or even an adult who is going thru such a horrible recovery. Think of how much they have already changed all our lives, they have already made a huge impact! Thanks for all the hard work you all have done!! I have fallen in love with them both and will keep praying!

  23. Toni Ezell says:

    I think that is sweet of you guys to take the family to see them. It was not their fault that the situation ended as it did. You know they loved them or they would not have looked for help.

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