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May 10, 2022

Help Smokin’ Joe

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Written by: josh

As you may have seen today on Facebook we rescued Smokin Joe.  He’s a boxer in very very bad shape, but we are doing our best to give him a fighting chance as we always do with all the pups that come to us.  At this point X-rays, Blood work, and some other tests have been done and at first glance it appears he has a systemic fungal infection that has spread all over his body.  The infection has rendered the back half of his body basically paralyzed, but he’s fighting with all he’s got.  The bills to run the diagnostics and the future ones to get him back on his feet are going to add up quick, so we have started this ChipIn to help cover the initial and future costs to get Smokin’ Joe back on his feet and boxing again.  Please spread the word wherever you can on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else you think could help.  With all the great followers we have if everyone just donated .50 cents we would make the goal of $1500 in no time at all.. The ChipIn is below so please help out however you can.
Z, Smokin’ Joe, and the Mutts ~
Update 5-11-12: We had to put Smokin’ Joe to sleep this morning. We were going to keep going with his treatment if he had shown signs of improvement or was at least eating. If you looked closely at the X-Rays you can see that his entire body- knees, joints, spine, ribs- is raveged by a fungal infection that makes his bone look like its dissolving. His X-Rays were sent to a Valley Fever specialist in Ohio who, frankly, was flabbergasted that he was still alive. Dogs (or people) with this condition arein an extraordinary amount of pain and there was no chance that we could return him to anything like a decent living situation. He fought hard- most would not have survived for that long. At least he will pass over the rainbow bridge with the Kims, Chris, Dr. Freng and the rest of the gang by his side, comforting him.
We have closed the ChipIn that we had going for Joe.  It truly does say how much you all care by the amount of money we raised for this guy in such a short time $1040.00 in less that 20 hours of us asking for the Marley’s Community for help.  We can’t put to words how much it means to all of us here at the rescue to know that there are amazing people out there that will go the distance to help a pup they have never met.  It truly warms the heart…  The money that was raised to help Joe will go towards the bills that we amassed since yesterday, and anything left over will go towards a burial box and marker for Joe.  Any remaining donations after that will be kept in wait for the next pup in need of help.
Thank you all again for your effort…
R.I.P. Smokin’ Joe, know that in the short time you were with us that you were loved by many.  Now go play in the clouds…

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