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May 8, 2022

Kenny Powers - Update

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Written by: Judy Stevens

We have had our share of characters here at Marley’s Mutts but this little guy might take the cake. His name is Kenny Powers and he is a 1½ year old, Old English bull dog. Kenny came to our attention a month or so ago when he came in as a stray to the Bakersfield Animal Shelter; he was extremely skinny and stunk SO BAD that, despite his cuteness, it was hard to share space with him. The Vet staff found that he had several problems including a major cleft pallet, both soft and hard that needed repairing. To make matters worse, someone had shoved a towel into the hole in his pallet in a half-witted attempt to solve his issues. The vet removed the stinky clog from his mouth and sutured closed his soft pallet problem.

We need to have an oral specialist fix his cleft pallet, which is really a gaping hole in the roof of his mouth which causes a variety of problems. For starters, he has a difficult time keeping down food and has to be fed special concoctions like chicken with lasagna noodles (to help it slide down his throat). He also has difficulty breathing and sounds like a farty-sneeze with sleep apnea!!! I’m taking him to a specialist in LA on Friday (May 11th) to get a proper assessment. We know the procedure will cost a few thousand dollars and we need to raise at least that much to cover his care. He is part of the pack now, and despite being difficult to swallow (no pun intended) for some of the other dogs, he has been welcomed in.

Please help us get Kenny the necessary care that he needs and deserves. He’s made it this far and deserves the best of care.

KENNY SURGERY UPDATE: jut got the estimate in from the Oral Surgeon for Kenny’s cleft pallet surgery and we are looking at a cool 5000.00!! That’s quite a chunk of change but he needs it or he could die if he aspirates something. I meet with the specialist in TO on Monday morning to go over the procedure. We need to not g up the donations and try and make our mark. Thanks everybody- SPREAD THE WORD!!!

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  1. Ray

    I want to adopt Kenny please email me back.

  2. Judy Stevens

    Ray, Zach does not spend a lot of time at the website … he will most likely not see you Comment. It’s best if you phone or email him. Judy

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