This beautiful bruiser is Laila Ali and she is a 3-year-old, spayed, Bull dog/ Boxer mix. Before her, I had never come across a Boxer-Bull, which surprises me because THEY ARE THE COOLEST!! Forget Labradoodles, Pugles, or Shi-poo’s, the Boxer-Bull is where it’s at! Look at her figure! She’s built like an East German Olympic power lifter, only far more graceful. She’s got an adorable underbite, which causes her to sport this awkward smirk that is very endearing. Her sneer combines with her bodacious build to present her as intimidating but she is far from threatening. Her disposition with the other dogs of the pack is PERFECT; from the small pups to our older, fragile dogs, she is very understanding. We rescued Laila Ali from the California City Shelter where she had been rotting for nearly a month. She was very scared and appeared to be potentially dangerous. We took a gamble and settled her for transport with another Cal City dog named Luke. I am so glad we took a chance on her-she has turned out to be a terrific young lady. Our Vet, Dr. Freng, believes she was used as a breeding bitch and that when her uterus was no longer of use she was let go. We removed her uterus (spayed her) and now she is perfectly healthy and happy.

If you are looking to add an incredibly unique member to your family that will scare away intruders but cuddle your kids, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852, 821-1327.

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