This show-stopping Australian shepherd/Border Collie mix is Cool Hand Luke and he is about 2 years old. We rescued Luke from the Cal City Shelter and frankly, he’d seen better days. Instead of flowing and white, his coat was matted and yellow. He smelled like…well, an animal shelter! We rescued Luke with Laila Ali and put them in the same crate on the ride home. This is a risky proposition because scared dogs can often react negatively when put into such close confines with another dog. Laila and Luke could not be more different but their love for each other has just grown and grown since they arrived here at Marley’s Mutts. It seems as though they have some kind of understanding that they were rescued together and that this is a special bond. Luke is your quintessential ranch dog, in fact he has THE LOOK. There is just something sublimely magical about this dog that becomes obvious when you’ve spent a little time with him. He is great off leash and is an overall very well rounded doggy.

If you are interested in Cool Hand Luke, please contact Zach at 661-972-3852, 821-1327.

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