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June 1, 2022

Boy Scouts and the Mutts

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Written by: josh

Hey Everyone,

Well what a weekend for Marley’s Mutts. Zach received his Red Cross Real Heroes award last night and it was a blast (pictures and video to come in a later post). But right now in keeping with the theme of helping others we have a Boy Scout that has offered to build kennels for the mutts up on the mountain. Ryan is asking all the followers of the site to give him a hand in raising the money to build the kennels via the ChipIn below. So help out Ryan with his boy scout project and give the mutts a place to hang out all at the same time!!!

Just a quick note:  Ryan plans on starting this project in June so the ChipIn goes through June 1st so spread the word…

Quick update:  A few folks have been donating and it hasn’t been showing up.  We found that there was an issue on how this ChipIn was created it has now been fixed.  For those who have donated the money was received and we thank you for your generosity.

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  1. Jo Moore

    Is this the Boy Scouts Eagle Scout project??

  2. Elaine Ogden

    This would be great to promote at the Boy Scout Camporee next weekend.

  3. josh

    Hey Jo,

    Yes I believe that is correct

  4. Jo Moore

    OK Thank you Josh - My grandson just finished his project (he’s in Virginia) so I know how important this is to them

  5. Jo Moore

    Well I donated $25 to Ryan via pay pal but it is not showing up on the “chip-in” box sure hope he get the $$$$

  6. Ryan Bilotta

    Hey this is Ryan Bilotta, the boy scout who is helping Zach Skow build the kennels. thank you very much for the donation, it is for an eagle project, but the money did not actually go through, if you could try it once more it would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot for the contribution. Every little bit helps!

  7. Jo Moore

    OK thanks for letting me know Ryan - I will check it out with pay pal and make sure the donation gets to you So wonderful you are doing this! My grandson built 4 picnic tables for a homeless shelter and had a food drive for them - he lives in Virginia. He will be receiving his Eagle Scout badge in June. You guys are awesome! Thanks for all you do

  8. Jo Moore

    OK Ryan I think the chip-in is fixed - let me know if you get the $25 donation from me. It shows already taken out of my account. I will double check pay pay just to make sure also.

  9. Ryan Bilotta

    I looked at the chip in and there is a slight problem with it, but it is getting fixed. Your money did go through, but it just is not showing up, but we did receive it. We are currently fixing the chip in so it will come up. Thanks a lot for the donation!

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