Hey Everyone,

What can we start off by saying except THANK YOU for all that you do to support Marley’s Mutts.  With all the support we have been getting we are starting to think about taking everything to the next level.  This would mean building out the compound (hopefully doubling our capacity or more) so we can rescue and care for more mutts that need a home.  We want to build out our training facility to allow for more folks to come up and train with Lisa to help folks with their pups they may be having some trouble with, and to do make all this happen we are purposing a challenge to you the amazing folks here who follow us here website and over on Facebook.  Just some stats for you all before we get into the challenge itself to help bring some perspective.  Right now on the site we get approximately 75,000+ unique visitors to the website (if not more) each month.  Over on Facebook we have over 4,671 page likes and that keeps climbing every single day.  So why are we spouting numbers out like this?

Well, this is where the challenge comes in.  To make all these goals that we have to to life we need your continued support.  So here’s what we purpose.  In the upper left hand corner of the blog you will see the donations section.  There is a box there to do a recurring monthly donation to Marley’s Mutts.  Now here is where those numbers from before come into play.  Imagine if everyone who stopped by the blog or followed us on Facebook setup a recurring donation of just $1…  That would mean that we could generate almost $80,000 a month to help rescue more pups, get all the medical attention they need, and support them until we can find them a new forever home!!!  Now imagine if everyone gave $5 or $10 a month?  The amount of good that could be done would be outstanding to say the least.  I know it sounds strange in this economy, but think about it like this.  Doanting $1 a month, maybe you don’t get a Venti Latte you get a Grande instead for 2 days straight  there’s a dollar that can go to help the pups.  Say you just give up a one latte a month there’s $5 that could go to help the pups, give up 2 lattes a month and now you have freed up $10 that could help us achieve a goal of starting to reduce the numbers of pups in shelters, all by making these small monthly donations.  It would be great to not be confronted by faces like the ones below, because we were able to get so many more out of shelters.  Wouldn’t you agree???


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  1. Becky Souza says:

    Just made my monthly commitment! Thank you for all you do, including the wonderful pictures and stories.

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