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July 3, 2022


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Written by: Zach

We have had our share of “Pit Bulls” up here at Marley’s Mutts and most of them have been great; a few have been a special kind of wonderful and Bonnie is one of those. Everything about this dog has made me fall in love with her and be 1000% confident in her ability to be an amazing adoptee. To be honest, I think she would do best with a family with kids. Her story is awful as most abandoned Pit bulls are: she was picked up by a rescue volunteer in a neighborhood known for drugs, dog fighting and animal abuse. She was still young and didn’t appear to have been abused. The volunteer took her in but was unable to take her with when he moved out of the state. So Bonnie found herself dumped at a local kennel that was willing to look after her for a while. I wasn’t sure what to expect from her when she came up to the rescue but she has behaved flawlessly. We had several dogs up here that she met who were newly rescued and unstable; none of that “sideways” energy seemed to affect her and she has been pretty much imperturbable since. She DOES NOT possess any of the negative “pit bull traits” that folks are so afraid of, instead, she is very mellow when she needs as well as incredibly affectionate. Don’t mistake her calm for a girl that doesn’t know how to have a good time. She loves to play fetch, hike, run, and ride hooked up to the bicycle. Trust me when I say that she is a doll and a complete joy to be around.

If you are interested in adopting Bonnie, pleaseemail and include Bonnie’s Name in the subject line.

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  1. paul roache

    can you take on two pits for about two weeks?
    805 587-6165 I live in Bakersfield calif.

  2. what a sweet dog! she is lovely! wish i could adopt but i live in washington. i wish that beautiful girl a very happy life in her forever home!

  3. want more info on Bonnie please

  4. josh

    Sheila we have emailed you twice but have gotten no response. if you are interested in adopting Bonnie, please fill out an application at

    We need to know what information you want.


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