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July 18, 2022

Canaan & Abilene

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Written by: Judy Stevens

QUICK SAINT UPDATE: Girls are doing extremely well. Still amazed every time I see Abilene. We just went for a walk and she has gained so much strength its ridiculous! Canaan CAN BE ADOPTED AS SOON AS SHE F
INISHES MEDS, SO SPREAD THE WORD. Ronda and I threw some harnesses on the girls and they look great. The harness is much less bothersome tp Abby’s abscess as well. They are just trudging down the road to recovery.

ANOTHER SUPER SAINT DAY: The big development of the day is that Canaan actually ate some dog food!! The kitchen at “Morten’s” finally closed so she gave up and ate some wet food. What it actually means is that her illness is impoving to the point where she can now smell the food that she is eating. Both girls have NO dischargecoming from their noses and Abilene in particular is gaining tremendous amounts of strength with every passing day. Canaan is near adoptableand I really think that Abilene has a chance to be in about a months time.

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