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July 19, 2022


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Written by: Judy Stevens

Hey Everyone,

Our boy Kenny is almost to the goal of $5000 to get his surgery completed. Kenny holds a special place in out hearts up here at Marley’s Mutts and know we have the opportunity to get Kenny’s surgery done for just $5000 back east thanks to Sue at the Mia foundation. We are about $1040.00 from reaching the goal of $5000, so we are calling on all the Marley’s Minions out there to reach in and ChipIn a single one dollar bill!! If everyone does that we will easily hit our goal seeing as there are 7191 folks following us now here on Facebook. WE have adjusted the ChipIn to reflect the new lower goal so head over to the ChipIn page and spread the word.

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Judy Stevens


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  1. Mark Schull

    Kenny, is a real cutie boy. What kind of surgery does he need? I’m going to send $5 to help out. I hope all goes well regardless. when will he be available for adoption? I have been looking for a Bullie for a long time. Thanks

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