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July 1, 2022


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Written by: Zach

You are not going to find a lot of dogs like Lula. She is a true original. Lula is a 3-year-old, purebred Catahoula Leopard Dog, and she is deaf. Lula’s story is unfortunate at best and made me angry when I heard about it. She was dumped by her owner at a boarding facility over a year ago. Her owner simply dropped her off while he went away “on business” and never returned. When he was contacted, he said that he was just to put her down because of her disability! The breeder, who was also contacted, would not take her back due to hear lack of hearing. LISTEN, FOLKS: being deaf DOES affect the way a dog goes about life but it does NOT disable them; well, that’s not entirely true—she would definitely lose a hearing contest! When dogs lose a limb we don’t think twice about adopting but for some reason, deaf dogs are given the shaft! She is very well-tempered and balanced, therefore, her lack of hearing doesn’t pose any problems. She loves to run around and sniff, like hounds do. Her nose works on overdrive and she would make and excellent landscape protector. Her deafness does however affect her ability to make “song”; she has a very awkward-sounding howl that sounds more like a person saying “Hey, over here” than it does a dog barking. She can’t hear herself so she can’t really emulate other dog’s barks. So, here she is: a spectacular specimen, an impressive original, with no one to call her own. She has a gorgeous Hound shape to her but with two, dazzling blue eyes—you have to see her in person to appreciate her. She is a big girl, tipping the scales at about 80 lbs, which is a very healthy weight for her! Lula has been spayed and is up to date on her shots.

If you are interested in adopting Lula, please contact email and include Lula’s name in the subject line, or Darcel at 661-947-3537.

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  1. Lucky

    What a beautiful dog that Lula is!

  2. Mary Godfrey

    We are raising out 5 year old grandson and 4 year old granddaughter. Concerned about interaction with the children. We had a border collie we lost last year to a brain tumor and we have a jack russell terrier now. We have interest in the kids meeting Lula but would like to speak to you about her first. Please call Mary 661 831-5944 home or 661 345-2315 cell. Thank you.

  3. josh


    I have forwarded this onto Zach, it is best if you contact him as he doesn’t spend too much time on the blog comments. his contact info should be on the post about Lula..


  4. Beautiful, beautiful baby. Mary, I hope you get her. It would be so good for Lula and a great lesson for your children!

  5. Sandra Cruise

    I had a Catahoula and I just loved him. A big boy as well and very handsome. He was a wonderful companion and I miss him. He died two years ago from I assume some kind of intestine worm that the Vets here in Mexico could not determine how to treat. Hoping this dog will be as wonderful as mine was…enjoy life is short for us all.

  6. T

    Lula is beautiful! I had a deaf queensland for 12 years. She was one of my best trained dogs so far. Deaf is a disability but not a problem if you commit to spending time with the dog. Deaf dogs adapt to looking for commands and paying close attention to their owners. Anyone to have Lula would be blessed.

  7. Cristy

    Has this beautiful girl been adopted?

  8. josh

    Hey Chrity,

    No she has not. We are still looking for a home for her

  9. Sandra

    What breed of dog is Lula? My husband & I had a dog named Buster. He was part pit and part Boston Terrier. He lived to be 10 yrs. old and then died. My husband took it very hard and I tried to get another dog but he refused to have anything to do with him because he thought it would hurt Buster, even though he’s gone. Some day I hope he’ll get over Buster and get another dog, but it’s definitely not right now.

  10. josh

    Sandra, Lula is a Catahoula Leopard hound

  11. Jeff

    I’ll be back stateside in 11 days, can’t wait to meet this beautiful girl.

  12. Karen

    Greetings! We are looking for a dog to adopt and think Lula would be perfect! Is she still available, and if so, can we arrange a time to meet her?

    Thanks for your time!


  13. josh

    Lula was adopted a few weeks ago

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