Hi Zach:

Just wanted to let you know that Brooklyn is doing fabulous. She is settling in well at my house, although she has done a bit of rearranging in my living room. She apparently didn’t like the pillows on the couch, she preferred them on the floor, she also grabbed a few extra stuffed animals and made them her own toys. She apparently prefers to bury her cookies in the backyard, rather than eating them. Maybe she is saving them for a rainy day. Her Kong with her treats inside is also missing, probably buried somewhere out in the backyard, along with some of her balls.

She loves her walks, and wants to meet and greet every person and dog that she sees. She has boundless energy and I am sure I will be losing some weight over the next few weeks, just trying to keep up with her. She also loves her food, as her little dish is always empty when I come home from work.

She sleeps with me at night and is always by my side. She loves to cuddle up with me on the couch and is just so happy to be next to me or on my lap. When we ride in the car, she also wants to be on my lap, but we are breaking that habit, as it’s a little dangerous. As you know she gives the best kisses in the whole wide world and I just know that all my friends are going to fall in love with her.

I am having a BBQ this Sunday as it’s my birthday, and all my friends are going to get to meet her. She is the best birthday present that I could possibly have, and I think she will be the center of attention at my party, so pictures will definitely be forthcoming.

She is the little love of my life and can’t thank you enough for letting me adopt her.

Love, Jacqueline

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One Response to We Hear From Brooklyn’s Family

  1. Judy Calderwood says:

    I love reading about and looking at dog photos. Just finished the description
    of Brooklyn, in her new home. Didn’t surprise me one bit. Saw it in her eyes
    from the moment I first saw her on the website. She is terrific!

    Continued good luck to all at Marley’s Mutts. You do a very good job.

    Jessie is the name of my beautiful Border Collie rescue. The only white
    pup in a litter of typical black ones. She is now three and doing great.


    Judy Calderwood

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