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July 10, 2022

When the Saints get Carried in

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Written by: josh

Today has been a day of trials.  We got a call late yesterday that there were 2 female Saint Bernards that were in horrible shape and needed desperate help because they were about to be put to sleep.  We responded and picked the girls up and got them back up here to Marley’s Mutts to begin the long process of trying to get these girls clean.

The younger of the two, Caanan (pictured above) who’s about 2-3 years old was in bad shape.    She was covered with over 500+ ticks and had dreadlocks coated in excrement.  On top of all of this she has nasal discharge and a pretty severe cough.  Caanan was able to walk around on her own power, but can tell the ticks and the situation she was in before she had gotten to the shelter had taken their toll on her.

Below is our girl Abilene.  She had it the worst of the 2.  She had even more ticks on her than Caanan (so many her gums are almost white), and besides having the same dreadlocks, she had an embedded collar that had abscessed around her neck.  To make matters worse the entire neck abscess was covered in tick larvae.  She was severely dehydrated, has respiratory infection, and urine in her blood.  She shows signs that she was used as a breeding bitch and horribly mistreated.  She was so weak when we got her to the rescue that we had to carry her around to get her cleaned up.  We got sub-quetaneous fluids in her and she ate a little bit.  We are going to have to watch her very closely.

We are hoping to both of these girls in tomorrow for medical evaluation and see how we need to proceed.  We have started a preliminary ChipIn that can be found in the left side of the blog labeled Saving the Saints.  Right now we don’t know how much it will cost to get these girls back to full health, so we started the ChipIn at $2500 to help with all the initial costs of the blood work, and assessments…  Please ChipIn what you can and spread the word about these girls in need.

Thank you,

The Marley’s Mutts Team


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