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August 23, 2022


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Written by: josh

Gunther and Augustus’s owner was found!!  They are headed back home today!

This proud, handsome, sleek (and very underweight) boy is Augustus and he is a 1 year-old German shorthaired pointer. Augustus, like his rescue mate, was named for a WWII fighter ace but more poignantly, because this is the month of August—we’re real deep thinkers up here at Marley’s Mutts… Augustus and his brother (or buddy) were found on the old property of Kimi Peck, a notorious animal hoarder. Augustus was/is complete skin and bones and had been surviving on scraps left by previous occupants and scavenging what they could.  The two of them had taken up refuge in an old, out building that was rat infested and littered with broken glass. Some good Samaritans found contacted us after they were able to police up the doggies. Augustus loves his brother Gunther, and is himself a very well behaved dog. What stood out the most about Augustus is how well-mannered and attentive he is.  He may not be completely trained but he was learning commands seemingly on the fly. This boy will make an EXCELLENT BEST FRIEND for someone or a family. My guess is that off leash training will be a breeze. Augustus has also spent a lot of time with children and other dogs and behaves perfectly. If you are interested in adopting Augustus, please contact or call 661-972-3852.

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