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August 6, 2022


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Written by: Zach

This big boy is another one for the ages-one of those rare dogs that doesn’t come around very often. Baloo is a 120-ish pound, Brazilian Mastiff mix that we rescued from the Mojave Animal Shelter. He is an impressive physical specimen but what been remarkable is his emotional transformation. Dogs like Baloo showcase what Marley’s Mutts is uniquely capable of doing-converting a frightened, traumatized, massive, potentially dangerous dog into a lover-boy-companion with a limitless upside. Honestly, Baloo is one of those dogs that has a special countenance about him, almost like he’s a reincarnated human. That sounds weird but you’d know what I meant if you looked into his eyes. Baloo was an emotionally devastated dog when I met him. It was difficult to coax him out of his kennel and when we did he practically crawled, never standing fully upright and in a kind of constant cower. If Baloo didn’t come home with me, he would not be long for this world so, with Officer Suggs help, I shoved him into the truck and headed for Tehachapi. There was no telling how he would react to me, other dogs and all the other stimuli that exist up here at Marley’s Mutts. The first order of business was a bath and a brush, which took about 2 hours. He was just so scared of water and noises that it was near impossible to get him to stand still. Nowadays, however, BALOO IS A DIFFERENT DOG! Baloo has transitioned well into rescue life and is very good at most dog-related tasks, i.e. he is housetrained, leash trained, and rides well in a vehicle. Baloo has learned his place in the world and is comfortable with that.

Baloo would be best placed in a home with no kids
If you are interested in adopting Baloo please email and include Baloo’s Name in the subject line

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