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August 10, 2022


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Written by: josh

This is Barcelona and she is cutiepreciousadorable. She’s that endearing; like the Dakota Fanning of dogs, or maybe Natalie Portman (from back in the day). We rescued her from the Bakersfield Animal Shelter where she had been for the last month suffering from a laundry list of medical conditions: cherry eye, respiratory infection, and painful scabbing resulting from a terrible tick infestation. Dr. Freng has scheduled surgery for her cherry eye(and spay if need be) and she is healing well from her tick infestation. She is floating around the rescue like Marilyn Monroe and every person that stops by wants to get a picture with her. She is 2-3 years and has been fully vaccinated. She will be ready to go in a few days, keeping in mind that she has to heal from her surgery. If you are interested in adopting Barcelona, please email and include Barcelona’s Name in the subject line


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