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August 16, 2022


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Written by: josh

So what can we say about Dodger?!?! Well, he’s a Dachshund, he acts like a puppy, and HE LOVES BLANKETS!!! That’s right this boy will take a blanket over a romp in the park anytime apparently. Blankets are his domain, and he is king. Dodger will play all by himself all day as long as he has a blanket…(but of course he likes when he has someone to play with just as much or more) he puts his nose under it and crawls all around and rolls and jumps and likes to get tangled… so strange, but so cute..

He listens fantastic, he knows “off” “down” and”no” as well as “come here” .. He pottys outside and not inside but is scared of the rain. He plays and runs and jumps like a puppy does and wants attention from anyone and everyone. He absolutely loves his belly rubbed and behind his ears… He has fun running around with Khoda (his foster parents yorkie). He’s a bit skittish around large noises, but just goes and checks with his foster mommy that everything is ok, and then he’s back at it. His favorite play toy is not a ball, but a towel. So if you have an old blanket and some towels laying around, and you love puppy mentality, then you are going to make the perfect forever home for this little guy. He is up for adoption, but still needs to be neutered.

If you are interested in Dodger email and include Dodger’s Name in the subject line

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