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August 15, 2022

Finding an Oasis in the Desert

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Written by: josh

Oasis Update: she is doing good, and is headed to a great foster home today!!


OASIS UPDATE: Her blood work from today came back and her hematocit (or packed cell volume) is up to 31 from 10! This is GREAT NEWS and means that her body is responding well to the steroids (prednisone). Check out what a polite gal she is- sitting before every meal like a good girl. She just scarfed down her second meal of the day!


OASIS UPDATE: She is home, safe and sound, medicated and has a full belly. She is resting comfortably and seems very content here. We will probably have to arrange for foster care before too long because I’m not sure that she is strong enough for the rigors of pack life. I am breathing a guarded sigh of relief, as I’m sure many of you are. Keep up the support- SHE, AND WE, ARE VERY GRATEFUL FOR THE SUPPORT!!!


So about 4 hours ago now we got the call that there was a severely emaciated mastiff out at the Oasis Wind Farm just east of Tehachapi. Zach hoped in the truck and headed of to get this “little” girl who was completely skin and bones. We have gotten a lot of calls for different types of dogs in that area. Some feral, some desert dogs, and we even picked up Pellet out there. But never have we heard of a Mastiff just roaming the area.

Thanks to Kevin out at the wind farm we got the call. Upon getting there she was probably the skinniest dog we’ve seen with maybe the exception of when we first got Jude. She had a lot of blood in her urine, but was eating and drinking so that was hopeful. She was picked up and rushed over to the Tehachapi Veterinary Hospital.

She has IMHA which is a treatable immune disease, however she extremely anemic and probably hasn’t really eaten or drank in weeks if not months. She is just getting a blood transfusion, but she can only have one that is not type specific,so we are having her blood rushed to be typed out, and will hopefully have her down in Bakersfield tomorrow to the Bakersfield Vet Hospital who can keep pace with the blood transfusions she needs. Her blood work was bad (liver very bad) and her x rays were hard to read because she has literally no body fat. She will spend the night at the vet up here.

We have started a ChipIn because we honestly have no idea how much these blood transfusions are going to cost nor how many she is going to need. Not to mention the the antibiotics and fluids that she will need as well. This girls reminds us of our Big Girl Sammy who just recently passed on. So we are really pushing for this girl to get better…Here’s the link to the ChipIn for her.

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