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August 13, 2022

Helping Tibbets

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Written by: josh

TIBBET’S TALE: This little, down on his luck stray is Tibbets and he was found at the UNION CEMETARY IN BAKERSFDIELD. A group of folks on a tour of the cemetary, in 100+ degree heat, spotted the frail youngster cowering by a culvert. After some convincing coaxing the folks were able to get some water in him and give him some TLC. The group pooles their money to get him evaluated at a vet. HE IS VERY SICK AND SUFFERING FROM THE WORSE CASE OF MANGE THAT I’VE EVER SEEN. You cant tell very well by the pic, but he has very little hair and is covered in scabs. He has secondary infections as a result of the mange and is EXTREMELY emaciated. He is only 5 months and has probably been mange-infested and starving since birth. HE NEEDS OUR HELP FOR THE NEXT FEW MONTHS TO GET HIM ON HIS FEET AND HEALTHY. We’ve got to get this boy on the right track and help him forget about his tortured puppy-days.

We have a ChipIn Setup to help Tibbets with the medical costs to get him healed up and ready for a new home










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