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August 19, 2022


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Update 10-4-12
Last night Moses was rushed to the hospital with bloat a condition in which the organs twist on themselves. We have an update on Moses this morning. He made it through surgery, but isn’t entirely out of the woods. His stomach didn’t respond that well once it was untwisted from the bloat. In most cases once untwisted the stomach pinks up and looks good and pink. Moses’s stomach didn’t respond that fast. The Dr thinks one possible cause is due to the the stomach didn’t twist in the normal direction that most bloat cases do. It went the opposite direction and that may be the cause of the slow recover. Dr said the next few days they will just need to keep an eye on him, but all of his blood work is looking good. We are setting up a dedicated donate button on Moses page to help raise funds for this emergency surgery. We still don’t have a final total yet, so we figure it will be on the high end of the range we were given.

Well, it must have been fate because our boy Moses is now up for adoption.  Moses came to us in a way that is not usual for us, but we are happy we were graced with the big boy’s presence.  Moses was actually found just down the road from the Marley’s Mutts compound here in Bear Valley Springs.  He was brought to us by Kern County Animal Control because we were close and they knew that we would get the word out in the community to find this boy his owners.  In the mean time we got to know and love this big boy.  He is actually bigger than Baloo if you can believe it.  He doesn’t bark or howl much and has been great with other dogs.  We looked for 2 weeks straight to find Moses parents, but no one has ever come forward to claim this big wrinkly love sponge.  Moses has been fostered and had a great time with his family, and they were actually going to adopt him, but there is one thing about Moses that made it impossible.  He can’t stand the heat of Bakersfield.  So that is going to be one of the conditions of his adoption, he needs to probably be a mountain dog where the weather is a bit cooler than in Bakersfield during the summer.  Moses has been great with everyone he meets and he will defintaley make a great lap dog for someone.

If you are interested in adopting Moses email and include Moses’s Name in the subject line


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