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August 7, 2022

The Abandoned Project

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Written by: josh

The Abandoned Project is a photographic project that was born out of necessity.  It’s purpose is to bring faces to the numbers that we see all the time about how many dogs are euthanized for what ever reason.  It is easy to see or talk about numbers in reports, there is no face to what you are talking about and it makes it easier to deal with the magnitude of what is happening if you can’t see the faces that these numbers represent.  So that is what this project is all about.  To put a face to the numbers and make people stop and take notice that when you see a number that says 10,000+ dogs euthanized last year you see a face like the ones in these photographs.












Kill shelters all over experience these faces everyday.  Dogs young and old that stare through steel kennels looking at you hoping you may be able to save them and take them away fro this place to a happy home.  Thousands of dogs stare hoping that the next person that comes to their cage will be the one that wants to take them home just to have that love of family and a place to rest.  But for many this will not come.  State government guidelines and regulations will only let shelters keep dogs for so long before they are euthanized.

This project while documenting the plight of dogs in kill shelters has also done good to get some of the dogs photographed rescued.  Some of the successes  included a Weimaraner named Winston (pictured below).  Winston was surrendered by his  owners.  We happened to photograph Winston and a NorCal Weimaraner Rescue stepped in a got him out of the shelter and into a new home. 

 Another success story was a white Boxer we named Gary.  When we first got Gary we noticed that he acted a bit different, but there was nothing in his medical history that lead us to believe he had any issues.    Once we got him home however, we discovered that Gary was completely deaf.   Gary was a quick learner and we were able to find him a great home to live out his days.

Another Success what the rescue of Joe (below).  While we where at the shelter we heard about this little Cocker Mix, and that he needed rescuing soon before his fate was determined for him.  So Marley’s Mutts stepped in a brought him home.  2 weeks later he was adopted to a great family and is doing great.

The project is one that will be ongoing, but we are working on creating a book with the stories of the dogs we have photographed and hope to continue to raise awareness and keep getting dogs out of shelters and into new loving homes

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