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September 21, 2021


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Written by: josh

Copper was the poor red shepherd that had a tin-can worked halfway down his throat (the pictures are pretty bad) and was living that way, starving

for quite awhile. Several news teams, rescues and volunteers went on many missions to find him, but he was extremely elusive. After pretty much everyone had given up hope, we got a call from Patti over at H.A.L.T. Dog Rescue (Helping Animals Live Tomorrow), she had picked him after animal control finally got ahold of him. She had gotten the can surgically removed, and Copper was on the mend, but he was extremely antisocial, scared of everyone, and needed a foster, they were out of space. We were lucky enough to have the perfect foster available and now he is thriving thanks to his foster mom Hilary, and his foster sister, husky Khloe. More and better pictures to come, he’s gaining confidence everyday and loves playing with his sister. He will be officially up for adoption soon, when his rehab is done.

If you are interested in Copper please fill out an application

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