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September 7, 2022

Saving Romeo (Formerly Harry Potter)

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Written by: josh



HARRY POTTER UPDATE: our boy is hanging in there. A different vet had INCORRECTLY prescribed him thyroid medication which sped-up his weight loss and exacerbated his condition.There were times yesterday when he just laid there and looked near gone, but when Kim and I took him outside he had good energy, and although he couldnt put weight on his back right leg, was doing his best to move around, go potty, and WAG IS TAIL FOR US. His appetite is good and he’s on pain medication to manage his suffering, caused buy his extremely swollen jointS. The fungal test results may come back today, if not, theyll be in by Monday. Until then, Harry Potter will have to work some of his magic and keep fighting. We must do the same; PLEASE DONATE at The Tehachapi Veterinary Hospital or at the link above.

We have an urgent situation with a dog at the our veterinary hospital. His name is Romeo, but when he was a Marley’s Mutt his name was Harry Potter or HP (he had a lightening bolt on his forehead. Romeo was brought in a few days ago with severe weight loss, joint swelling and OBVIOUS SEVERE ILLNESS. Romeo was misdiagnosed by another vet as having a thyroid problem, but instead, it’s obvious that he has a FUNGAL problem. WE MUST FIGHT THE HARDEST WE CAN to help him survive because he’s sure giving it his best shot. His owner cannot afford the bills (could be $1000+, already at 500) so we are going to take it from here. The Tehachapi Veterinary Hospital is doing their best to save him and we must raise the money for WHATEVER HE NEEDS. He may have Valley Fever, which is what we lost Smokin’ Joe to but we won’t know until the tests come back. Even if it is Valley Fever, we could treat with ANTIFUNGAL MEDS with no guarantee that his bones will completely heal. The good news is that his internal organs are all in GREAT SHAPE which mean,despite his grave appearance, he could still pull through. PLEASE HELP US TRY TO SAVE HIM.

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