Pups in Need

October 3, 2021


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Written by: josh

This 2 year-old, lady-pittie, was found by Pastor Valerie on the side of the road with non-functioning back legs. Preliminary vet eval indicates an old injury, not a recent hit-by-car. Eden, as she’s being called, needs x-rays, other tests, and to be seen by a specialist who can properly diagnose her. We can help this sweet girl but it will take community support in the form of FUNDRAISING. Hopefully she will keep her back legs and we can get her outfitted with a stroller but that is putting the cart before the dog!

EDEN VIDEO: this video illustrates well her disability. She is not in pain but will need to see a specialist and have many tests done. This is going to cost thousands of dollars and take months to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate- which will include a stroller or set of wheels. I don’t mean to put the cart before the dog, but she WILL make it and I have all the confidence that she’ll lead a relatively problem free existence in a very loving home. Sorry to be blunt but we need Donations in the form of money to help this girl and get her the care she needs. If you can’t DONATE, SHARE or CROSSPOST. Let’s make it happen MUTT MILITIA!!

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