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October 15, 2021

Maggy and Charlie a Long Beach Story

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Written by: josh

So by now most folks know the story of Maggy and Charlie, but for the folks who don’t here’s a quick synopsis.  We got a call from Claudia Hoffmann down in the Long Beach area about a pair of dogs that had been living on an abandoned lot for almost 5 months.


After all that time Claudia and an amazing team of people showed up and wrangled Maggy and Charlie. 40 Plus people answered the call to come help rescue these two pups.  It took a while because Maggy and Charlie where both scared, but the team persevered and got these two scared pups to a safe place.

We headed down to Long Beach to meet with Claudia and pick up the new pups and bring them to the rescue where we could work with them to build up hteir confidence and get them used to humans again.

After a few days at the rescue Maggy and Charlie came out of their shells a bit and started to integrate into the pack.  Within a week Maggy started wagging her tail and Charlie has become less protective of Maggy.  They are truly amazing pups and will be great for a loving family.

It is truly amazing how resilient these wonderful creatures are, and we look forward to sending the onto their forever homes soon.

It is the great people who read this site and follow us on Facebook that help us keep doing what we are doing.  So please keep spreading the word and help where you can by making a monthly donation to our rescue.

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