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November 1, 2021


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Written by: josh

This is Diamond! She is a 22-months old Dogo Argentino (mix?). Diamond was pulled from the shelter last year and has since been living in different boarding places, foster homes, backyards and cars. This has to stop! We need to find Diamond a home, foster or rescue that can help her live the life she deserves. Diamond has an immune deficiency and is on antibiotics and interceptor. I truly believe the stress this girl has gone through made her condition worse. And I am convinced her skin would heal in no time if she finally got to be in a stable environment. We are trying to raise enough funds to get Diamond into a GOOD and reputable local rescue. Of course a foster home is welcome but MUST be stable and willing to give this poor girl the time she needs to heal. This post and chipin is NOT about Audra Aldridge! This is about Diamond and finding this girl a forever home and much needed peace! LET’S ALL WORK ON THIS TOGETHER FOR DIAMOND’S SAKE! Please chipin and share this far and wide! All funds raised will go towards Diamonds care and the rescue that is willing to step up and give this girl the chance she deserves!WE WILL see happy photos of this sad girl soon!

A ChipIn has been started by the folks that rescues Diamond, help us make a difference in this little girls rough life by donating

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