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November 5, 2021

Make the difference with vaccines

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Written by: josh

Hey everyone,

If you have been following us on Facebook we recently ran a vaccines donation drive to help a local shelter fight a Parvo outbreak that had infect every dog at the facility.  This virus along with other disease like kennel cough can wreak havoc on a shelter or rescue if the dogs are not properly cared for and vaccinated as needed.  Based on what we have been hearing from shelters a vast majority of the animals taken in now have Parvo.  Younger puppies and more infirm dogs who may not be able to fight off a virus as well can be severely weakened and potentially die from this or any other virus that there are not inoculated for, so this is where you can make the difference in these dogs lives.  Make the difference in a dogs life by donating to raise fund so that we can maintain a surplus of these vaccines on hand so that we can help people in need to give a dog a chance to survive.  Every dog that you save can make a difference in someone’s life.   Below is a FundRazr to be used strictly for the purchase of vaccines.

Some examples to show how your help can make a difference:

1- 10 ml vial of Parvo vaccine that is around $41 can fully vaccinated 2 puppies 
1 - (5 in 1) pack of 25 doses can inoculate 5 dogs for around $75
So please make a difference in a dogs life and help them stay safe while they are waiting for their new forever home


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