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December 6, 2021

Chow Mix Pups

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Written by: josh

It’s rare that we are able to rescue and Pregnant mom and her pups when they come into the shelter. The risk of disease is too great and it is simply too difficult to find a foster home that can handle a nursing mother and her pups. This case is different because we lucked out and found Brittany Cox, a volunteer/foster mom that offered herself up to care for this family. This is a big deal on many levels but its most impressive because this is he first foster experience! She has taken after it with a vengeance and with pride and she has done a great job. Mama Mutt Cho came in to the Bakersfield Animal Shelter having just given birth to a litter of 8 pups. Those pups are more often tan not euthanized because they are very susceptible to disease and there is just nowhere for them to go. Our buddy Stacey, with friends of KCAC, put out an urgent alert about these poor pups and there mom but no rescues, shelters, individuals would come forward- after all its a stray, unknown mother with 8 potentially disease exposed puppies! Well we are very happy to report that our finicky, stubborn Mama Mutt Chow has really opened up to Brittany and her friends and the pups are all as healthy as can be. Brit has been taking Mama to the dog park to get her comfortable with other dogs, on a leash, etc. What usually turns out to be the death of a family has turned into a wonderful story of survival, stepping up and being of service. We are accepting adoption applications for the pups now, even though it will be a few weeks before they are adoptable.

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