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December 6, 2021


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Written by: josh

Introducing Geronimo!!!! You can’t say this little guys name without screaming it- GERONIMOOOO!!! When I let him out to go potty he’d run off, do his business, then I’d yell “Geronimoooo” and he’d come running- pretty freaking adorable. Like many of our doggies Geronimo was rescued from the Bakersfield Animal Shelter, and like still others, he has been severely abused. We have grown close to the shelter staff there and they know that we are likely to do whatever we can to help dogs that are in a bad spot, so they didn’t hesitate, when we walked in to the shelter, to say “hey Zach, we’ve gone one that you have to take!” They ushered us back to the medical room where we met a very small, 8-10 week old pup that had recently had his ears cut off, probably with scissors. Pit bulls often have their ears “cropped” but he is NOT a pit bull and this “procedure” is supposed to be done by a qualified human being and never as late as 10 weeks. Usually what they do is cover the dogs snout until they pass out and then snip the ears quickly with scissors while they are passed out. Unbelievable, right? His ears were infected and he was terrified. I couldn’t help but think about Sonar, our permanent Marley’s Mutts that was similarly mutilated and who took months to overcome his anxieties and distrust of humans. Nadine and I brought Geronimo up to the rescue and gave him a MUCH NEEDED bath. To our amazement and delight, Geronimo showed no PTSD and behaved like a normal pup with no memory of what had happened to him. We are not sure exactly what breed Geronimo is-maybe a Pitty mix but we aren’t sure- but what we are sure of is that he has a long, happy life ahead of him, free of torture and abuse. G-dog has been with a foster home for the past week and a half and they have got him well on his way to being a very well behaved member of the family. They have two small children, whom he does very well with, and he is 100% crate trained. We think that he will grow to be in the 50lbs range, not much bigger.

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