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December 22, 2021

Sadie and her pups

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Written by: josh

In Lamont, CA over the last few weeks a female German Shepard now named Sadie, has been wandering around. She was obviously pregnant, but wouldn’t allow anyone to get near her to help. With the help of the same folks (Eldad and others) who helped us get Maggie and Charlie we now have the momma safe and sound and on her way to her new foster home that is going to take care of her and the pups until there are able to be adopted. Care for the mom will be the first priority to make sure she is nice and healthy so that the pups she had are healthy as well. With the care the mom and pups will need we are setting up this FundRazr  (below) to cover all the costs for the care they will need for mommy to stay healthy and to have a happy litter of pups running around soon. Please help us make the difference in this Momma’s life and help her 11 pups have a chance to be healthy and happy.  The puppies are maybe 2 weeks old or so and will be up for adoption along with their mom once they are of age. There are currently with awesome foster mom AJ

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