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December 6, 2021

The Rookie

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Written by: josh

UPDATE 12-12-12:  Our 3-legged boy is Rookie of the year every year but for some reason we havent received any adoption interest in him… He’s got so much going for him it’s almost unfair to the others: he’s great with other dogs, he loves cats, completely house trained and the best part is that he’s inherently LUCKY, he has three legs for crying out loud! “Own a three legged dog” should be on everyones BUCKET LIST right next to “Visit the Pyramids” or “Go to a Ball Game at Fenway Park”. It boggles my mind that folks aren’t blowing email with pleas to let them adopt Rookie, I mean come on, he’s 3/4 PERFECT! Check that, he’s all the way perfect!

For some reason, we’ve had a string of tri-pods here at Marley’s Mutts and Rookie here is one of them. Rookie was found limping near a freeway in Bakersfield with a very broken leg. Some gals that were passing by, spotted him and tracked him down until they could finally load him up. He was shaken and in pain but seemed to almost trust the girls. The Docs at the Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital looked him over well and said there was no way to save the leg, it had to go. When I picked him up at the hospital, he looked terrible. There was no dressing o the wound so the recently carved tissue was visible and the wound was very swollen. I asked the girls what they wanted to call him and they said “Rookie” to which I replied “that’s perfect!”, and “why in the heck have we NEVER had a Rookie?”. Rook let me load  him up in the truck without flinching and about one block into the drive, he had licked my face and we were pals. Rook has been at a foster home for the past few weeks learning the ropes and rehabbing, but he is ready for forever and anxiously awaiting his destiny. Rook loves all other dogs, does GREAT with cats and is completely mobile- to the point where he doesn’t really miss his leg. If you’ve never owned a 3-legged dog, it’s something that should be on your bucket list. Other than being very unique and having a great story, 3-legged dogs are good luck charms and an absolute HIT with the LADIES!! Who can resist loving on a 3 legged dog? Need I say more.

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