Adoptable Dogs

February 4, 2022


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Written by: josh

You guys have been begging me for a Baby-girl update (Right side of the photo).  Forget about a sonnet, I could write a Love Novel about this “Oldie but Goodie”. Many of you would like me to write this from the perspective of her being my “girl friend”, but I have to tell you that our relationship is much more than that- far deeper than skin,lust, or animal magnetism. Is she my best friend? Well, yes! But she’s more and less than that. She is as low maintenance as they get, requiring the bare minimum to sustain a happy, joyous and free life. She’s not clingy or possessive, allowing the others to have their time with me without being jealous. She allows me to have fun with them but knows my heart is with her. She has a confidence that others dream of, that I dream of- that we hopeless romantics think can only come with the approval or affection of someone that we love. She is equally as beautiful when she wakes and when she slumbers.  As in love as I may be with my sweet Baby, she belongs to the world and it would be selfish to keep her to myself. If any of the aforementioned description or scenarios intrigue you, or if these are qualities that you look for in a dog, then by all means, PLEASE, fill out an adoption application

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