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February 10, 2022


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Written by: josh

The Grimmway Gunshot Girl, a true tale of surivival, perseverance  and love. The kids at the Grimmway Academy, not far from where she was found, have named her GiGi. Gigi’s story began, for us, 6 months ago when I treceived a call from  a Grimmway employee named Russ, who had spoted the girl at a maintanence facility in Lamont. She was very skittish and unapproachable. Months of feeding her and be patient with her finally bore fruit and Russ was able to approach her, pet her and show her love for the first time. A few months later, after seeing eachother nearly ever dya in thgat yard, our girl appeared with a severe wound to the hock. It was at this point that her rescue became a serious priority. I made the treck down to the maintanance yard in Lamont but she was nowhere to be found and Russ feared the worse. We searched for her for hours, to no avail. Luckily, the very next day, she appeared and Russ rushed her to the Hospital in Tehachapi. She was suffering from what appeared to be a gunshot wound the hind quarters which had a tremendous amount of dead tissue around it. GiGi was very scared and had withdrawn completely within herself. A few days later, however, the love of the staff at the Vet hospital allowed her to really come out of her shell and blossom. She has adapted tp life at the rescue with a comfort that few dogs so easily gain. She is perfect off leash and in the house and absolutely adores her canine brothers and sisters. I am in love with this dog and if you give her a chance, trust me, you will be too.  If you are interested in Gigi please fill out an application

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