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April 17, 2022

People of the Month - Tehachapi Pet Lodge

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Written by: josh

I wanted to take an moment to acknowledge the staff at the Tehachapi Pet Lodge and Outfitters. I just picked Rose up from there and the transformation is literally tear-provoking. Watching Rose be ushered from the back by a glowing-proud staff was priceless and near perfect. In fact, shoot, it WAS perfect!!! There is no negative in this series of actions and altruism. This was a handful of SWEETHEARTS (Heather and Theresa in particular) that put their lives on hold and their hands in danger to meticulously care for a dog that hasn’t known love in… maybe ever.

Here is a text book example of their selfless awesomeness in action: We rescued Rose from the Shelter (8 year old, blind, very abused bulldog) and brought her up to the rescue to begin the process of cleaning her up. She was INFESTED with ticks; her nipples are ALL swollen and agitated and her body is utterly peppered with open sores and pock marks that tell the story of an extremely exploited and abused Old Gal. As if it couldn’t get any worse, her vaginal canal is exposed and “prolapsed”, which means that its essentially inside out, the result of very irresponsible breeding. I couldn’t give her the care that she needed but asking someone else to do it is like asking an acquaintance to care for your child who is dying of Leprosy or Tuberculosis. I called Theresa at the Pet Lodge and said “I’ve got a real tough case here and I need help…”. I explained the severity of the situation and without hesitation or even pausing to consider what I had just said, she exclaimed “Of course, bring her on down, we’ll take care of her.”. She had just agreed to care for a tick infested, blind, potentially angry, very disgusting dog (at the least) but you would have thought I had just asked her if she would baby sit Mickey Mouse for me. I drove her down before she could realize what she had agreed to. They gave her 3 baths over the next 24 hours, each serving a very particular purpose. The last was an oatmeal soak to help heal the thousands of bloody divots that blanket her body. They trimmed her grotesquely long nails; cleaned her offensively dirty (and sensitive) ears; wiped all of the snot-like goo out of her blind eyes; and spent literally hours combing through every millimeter of her coat to ensure that every last tick was gone. At the end of all of that, they feed her a Pet Lodge gourmet dinner and let her crash there for the night so that she could rest easy. What kind of exclamation mark could they provide for an already unbelievably generous series of actions? They sprayed her with MARSHMALLOW PERFUME, put fake sticker EARRINGS on her and adorned her in a gorgeous PINK BANDANA to make her feel like a princess. Furthermore, they asked nothing in return, in fact, they wouldn’t accept payment. Their reward was written all over their faces when they guided her outside for her big “TA-DA!!” The Pet Lodge and its employees have always been on our team and extremely supportive but this particular act was so “Jesus like” that I had to tell the story. Big round of applause for our people of the Month, Theresa and Heather from the Pet Lodge! You are so very appreciated, girls!!!



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