Adoptable Dogs

April 15, 2022


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Written by: josh

We had some very unfortunate news today about Rose. We were taking Rose with us this next week to finally be in her forever home out in Las Vegas, but that adoption has fallen through. The details aren’t important-it is what it is- but we need to get the NEW search for a loving home up and running. Here is her foster Mom’s take on it, which I thought was brilliant:
Amanda Crawford-
“Well Rose was supposed to go to her adoptive home next week but the adoption fell through today. It’s hard when you think you have a perfect match and it doesn’t work out but at least Rose was not up rooted and than have to be returned. That would be very confusing for her. God believed this was not the right move for Rose and I am okay with that cause we love Rose and she is welcome to stay for as long as she needs!!!”
The good news is that Rose is very comfortable in her foster home and has never been more healthy. She is still blind, but has gained nearly 25 pounds since she came in at a dangerously skinny 29 pounds. Rose had her prolapsed vagina repaired when she was spayed; her entropians (eye condition common in bulldogs) was fixed with surgery and her blood work is absolutely stellar! Rose is food- funny, meaning she gets protective of her food with other dogs. That’s not an issue as long as she is in a home that doesn’t free feed. The main reason that she is stubbornly food-funny is that she cant see and is perplexed or hesitant of creatures being near her grub. Our girl is about 6 or 7 and is living the most vibrant/healthy years of her life. There is n reason why this pure-bred Bulldog Momma shouldn’t make some family very happy.

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