Canine Therapy Program

CANINE THERAPY PROGRAM! Now that we’ve officially launched our Miracle Mutts Program, which utilizes rescue-mutts to help rescue humans, we need our Mutt Militia in Bakersfield to get involved! Here is our DILEMMA: the re...
by 0628vyed52


Burn Survivor camp

As if the launching of our Canine Therapy and Training Program weren’t enough excitement, we also managed to sneak in on of the most rewarding, all-around-altruistic days in the history of Marley’s Mutts. With your ...
by 0628vyed52


Welcome Liz

Since the inception of Marley’s Mutts I have dreamed of using rescue-dogs to help rescue humans, after all, the marriage of these two concepts is what saved my life. It is with great pride that I report to you all the off...
by Erin



Flora adopted

Flora is an older Labrador female that has become a Marleys Mutts. She has a sweet disposition and needs a lot of TLC. She is good with other dogs and children. If you are interested please complete an adoption request at our w...
by Erin


Pepper adopted

Pepper is a ridgeback mix she is looking for a forever home. Her foster mom Jo says she is a super sweet girl good with people and most dogs. She is spayed and about four years old .
by Erin


Chewbacca and Han - adopted

These pups were left at a school in Bakersfield and thankfully one of our fosters gave us a call and we picked them up. They are a mix breed puppy possibly poodle and chihuahua . They should grow to be small sized dogs. They ar...
by Erin



Artemis - Adopted

This here massive mongrel mutt is Artemis and he’s a powerful big un’. At just 6 months old and a Mastiff/Pitty mix, he will get about 25% bigger than his already hefty 65lbs. Like many young doggies, he’s com...
by josh


Rosalita -adopted

Rosalita has been an absolute Angel!. She, Baloo and Delbert couldn’t be any further apart on the doggy spectrum but they do great with one another. Rosalita spent last night curled up in several different, but equally ad...
by josh


“Phat Andy - adopted

This mature Beagle Boy is good old Andy, or “Phat Andy”, as we like to call him. I’ve never met and Andy I didn’t like: Andy Blaco aka “Big 5′er” was one of my best friends and “b...
by Erin



Rose and Violet - Adopted

These min pin girls were rescued from Bakersfield by a Good Samaritan that stopped them from being used for sport. These girls are about two years old and appear to be sisters. They are good with dogs and cats. House trained an...
by Erin


Danika adopted

Danika is our newest addition and just a GORGEOUS Beagle. She has all the makings of a spectacular dog, now that she has her confidence. She showed up on our radar as a stray that was finally captured by come friends/adopters o...
by josh


Charlotte - Adopted

Charlotte is a 2-3 year-old Bulldog/ Pit bull mix that was rescued from the Bakersfield Shelter after her owner was arrested and his dogs confiscated. We had to wait 2 weeks, until the hold was up, to rescue her and she is incr...
by josh