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May 31, 2022

Welcome Liz

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Written by: Erin

Since the inception of Marley’s Mutts I have dreamed of using rescue-dogs to help rescue humans, after all, the marriage of these two concepts is what saved my life. It is with great pride that I report to you all the official establishment of that program, with our first partner being the Mission at Kern County. The Mission houses roughly 200 adults that are in varying phases of recovery that will all benefit from our Canine Therapy and Training Program. Our “Miracle Mutts” will have a variety of purposes: group therapy, individual counseling sessions, canine handling instruction, canine obedience, grooming and much more. The possibilities are endless and we can be confident of one common, consistent reality- that dogs will be rescuing people and people will be rescuing dogs. It is a full circle DREAM of ours to be implementing this kind of program and I can’t wait to see where it takes us and what kind of beautiful, lasting relationships we’ll forge! Please share this post and our message with others whom you may think we can help.



Kelly the Cowgirl

I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Kelley for the first time yesterday. Kelly the cowgirl, the name fits! She looks like she was plucked out of a western movie- long, flowing speckled hair; golden eyes that s...
by Bob Guere


My Pal Bill and his Dog

~I little over a year ago, I met a very interesting man with interesting name. Over time, I learned more about him, including his name and his beautiful story would take shape.In my eyes, he became a legend. ~My friends name is...
by Bob Guere


Jobe - Updated Bio and Pics

Here is Jobe. At first Jobe was apprehensive, did not appreciate the restrictions of a leash, foamed at the mouth with anxiety and was covered in ticks. As soon as Liz Kover, Zach Skow and I began pulling plump ticks out of ...
by Bob Guere



Lotus - Updated Bio and Pics

Updated - 4 October 2021 Mutt Militia, meet the beautiful Lotus. This angel in dog’s clothing is a sweet, gentle soul to say the least. She’s one of those dogs that makes me think, “If only she could tel...
by liz kover


Sumner - aka Billy the Kid

This looker is Sumner and he’s a 9 month old, verified 100%Kern County Mission Mutt! Mom named him after the street he was found on out in front of The Mission at Kern County. He is our 3rd official “Mission Mutt...
by Bob Guere



Dexter is, simply stated, one heck of a dog. He is approximately nine months old, and was found wandering around the grounds of an elementary school in Tehachapi. Since moving into his foster home, Dexter has made good friends ...
by Bob Guere