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June 13, 2022

Dillon adopted

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Written by: josh

This is our newest Mutt, Dillon, and he has my heart just like Eve (his girlfriend) does. He is completely blind but makes his way around very well. He uses his paws as kind of feelers to help him find his way. When he’s with Eve he does double-well because she acts as his “eyes”. Really, in a perfect world, she can be his “eyes” and he could be her “ears”. Watching them play together, you’d like they were born together.
Dillon has a worse-than-typical rescue story that isn’t worth getting all the way into. Long story short: he was boarded at a facility in Lancaster and the family never came to pick him up-that was a year ago! I know, I know… Some people, right? Dillon is about 2 years old and really isn’t the slightest bit hampered by his blindness, that is to say, if you’re a conscious adopter/owner his disability would be a non-issue. He does extremely well with other dogs and loves to play with those that have a playful spirit. Dillon has been neutered, vaccinated and passed temperament evaluations with ease. He is a tall, thin glass of milk and will probably top out at around 60lbs. If you are interested in adopting Dillon or learning more, please fill out an app at or contact


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Local dog rescue helps with adoptions at county shelter
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