Adoptable Dogs

June 20, 2022


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Written by: Erin

Sheila, our Aussie broad. (7 photos)
Many of you fell in love with her Instagram picture that I took a week back, and now you can fall in love with an entire album! She’s softer and more reserved than she appears in these pics, but with the right mamma and pappa, she’ll easily come into her own. Se has had a tough go up to this point and was rescued after months of frequenting a park up in Alta Sierra, while also enduring the harrassment of local hooligans who pestered her whenever they got the chance. Sheila is scheduled for spay next week and will be ready for adoption soon thereafter. Our girl is very gentle and very portable; hat you may not be able to tell from this pic is that she’s not very big, maybe 40lbs or so. She’s “poofy” which makes her appear larger but really she’s quite compact. She’s been around dogs of all sorts and does quite well. If I’m not mistaken, she also coexists well with kitty cats. If you are interested in adoptig Sheila, please fill out an app at

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