Adoptable Dogs

July 16, 2022


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Written by: Erin

Introducing Kramer, our Marley’s Mutts funny Man!! Kramer was almost called “Boy named Sue” but Kramer won out because of his hair and bafoonically moronical similarity to Kramer, from Seinfeld. Mutt Militia foot soldiers rescued Kramer from a Shelter in OC where he was listed as “Labradoodle” and was set to be put to sleep. Knowing he is not a Doodle, and more likely a Poodle or Bichon mix, we stepped in and snatched him up. Kramer has some war wounds-nothing serious- just a nibbled up tail, but should be 100% very soon. He’s a got one heck of a personality and very manageable and trainable. Aesthetically he’s a stud- boasting an apricot coat, which, once it grows out, will be one heck of a permanent outfit. Kramer has been vaccinated, neutered, chipped and is ready to to is forever home. He may need some Neosporin on his tail for a few weeks but that’s it. Show Kramer some love and spread the word about our funny-man!

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