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August 6, 2022

Hooch The Dog De Bordeaux

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Written by: Erin

Marley’s Mutts has seen its fair share of tragedy and abuse over the years: several gun shot wounds, stabbings, mutilation, neglect and abandonment but none as horrific as this. I’m afraid that Hooch has been through hell and back and we must tell his story, however difficult.
Here is what we learned about Hooch today: Hooch has had his tongue cut out- as in somebody removed it, crudely pulled it out of his mouth and it’s not there anymore. He , very obviously and recently, has had his ears cut off (not docked but slashed off barbarically) but this we would never have expected in a million years. Hooch was sedated this morning to prepare him for neuter and x-ray- we needed to find out what is wrong with his jaw and why he’s having such a hard time eating. His jaw is misaligned so we figured it may be dislocated. Andrea went to intubate him and was shocked to discover that there was no tongue there to keep the tube in place. His tongue has been ripped out or cut out almost all the way down to the trachea.
This actually explains a lot and I’m surprised we didn’t notice it earlier. He has been extremely affectionate and would bump his face against mine but no lick to go with it. The presence (or lack) of a tongue is just not something you think to pay attention too- its just always there. This explains why he had such a tough time fighting his respiratory infection and why he always has gunk and debris around his head- he has no tongue to keep it in or wash it down. I can’t imagine the pain he has been through or how he has survived up to this point. Dogs need their tongues to perform a variety of essential actions such as eat food, drink water and PANT- dogs don’t sweat and rely on their tongues to help regulate temperature. How on Earth has he accomplished all of this with no tongue?! WE NEED ADVICE, and we’ll set up a fundraiser or donation campaign as soon as possible. Donations for his care and advice can be made here on our Facebook page or at our website

We will keep you posted, in the meantime please share his story and help us tell his story so that we may prevent it from happening again and continue to shift the paradigm in our culture which recognizes dogs as our family that deserve the same love and respect that we do.
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