Adoptable Dogs

August 6, 2022


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Written by: Erin

I picked up Jericho today from the Vet and transferred him to his new foster home. I was having a very difficult day up until that point (Hugo escaped this morning, I’ve got a cold etc. cry, cry, etc.) but Jericho turned it all around for me- I mean what a hilarious dork of a dog. He is so happy and goofy and gregarious and in the now that I couldn’t help but take a page out of his book and cheer the heck up! Being Danish (my last name, Skow, mean “Forrest” in Danish) I am genetically predisposed to loving these dogs but Jericho seems more wonderful than the rest. Jericho is our one-eyed Great Dane pup that we were able to rescue and help with the assistance of of few friends. I’ll post his complete story later tonight but know, for now, that he is safe at his new foster home (with two other Danes). He needs groceries terribly- Doc says he’s about 30 pounds underweight- but his eye, and facial nerve damage doesn’t seem to bother him too much. It’s funny, but his facial muscles are so atrophied that his ear cant help but flop in front of his missing eye, which is kind of convent, really. He is huge-hearted boy and I know thrive in foster care and move one to make one lucky family very happy!

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