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August 15, 2022

Lady Jane

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Written by: liz kover

Lady was first spotted stray out in front of the Fitness Zone, running around the parking lot, directly off of a major thoroughfare. They were unsuccessful in wrangling her but a few hours later we got a call from the Carey’s saying that they had captured her but feared that she had been hit by a car. She had some scraps and a very serious scar that ran the entire circumference of her neck and then some. We’ve seen these scars before but never in a puppy. The scar, which was fresh, comes from being chained up and unable to move and it ran deep indicating that she had been immobilized for quite some time. Our girl has got some heart because she obviously found a way to break free from her bondage and seek help out in the world. Thank goodness the Carey’s found her and brought her to us! And thank God we were able to adopt her out to our friends, Gorm and Bettina, who had adopted another Marley’s Mutts pup (border collie mix Jesse) just a couple of months prior. Now, Lady Jane lives on a huge, beautiful ranch in Hart Flat, where she and her puppy brother romp and run and play to their heart’s content!


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