September 18, 2022

Colorado flooding only delays Trooper’s adoption!

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Written by: Bob Guere
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ANOTHER MUTT MIRACLE!!! Most of you know that Trooper was scheduled to be adopted this last week but his family was stranded and vehicle ultimately broke down because of the flooding in Colorado. Troop had endured being stabbed in the head, requiring 35 staples, and it seemed as though his adoptive home was now lost because of the Flood of the Millennium. But we know better than to accept disappointment, so we held on to faith that somehow we’d get Trooper out to Colorado. Sure enough serendipity intervened with authority and our dreams came true-DOUBLE TIME!

Not only is Trooper getting adopted and a ride, but SO IS TANNER!!! Tanner is another pit bull that we’ve had as a Mutt for many months now and whose prospects for adoption looked meager. Tanners adopters called from Wisconsin and asked if anyone was able to meet halfway and Patricia, Tanner’s foster Mom, answered with a gloriously affirmative YES! So the plan is for Patricia and her human pal to strike out for Colorado with Tanner and Trooper along for the ride. With with those two hunks in the car, I think the gals are all but guaranteed a safe passage free of harassment. Trooper is headed to a ranch North of Denver and Tanner’s family will meet in Colorado and drive him back to Wisconsin!! You can’t make this stuff up- I am so incredibly proud of the Mutt Militia! WooooHooooo!!!


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